Holiday Pet Boarding

Tis the Season for holiday pet boarding. If your clients are anything like me they will call you the day before they leave to book their spot at the kennel. This year I had my Christmas boarding reservation booked before Thanksgiving.

The thought never occurred to me, however while I was shopping for my turkey, I got a call from the boarding facility, letting me know their space was filling up and if I needed holiday boarding she could go ahead and put me down. I was flattered that she remembered my name and my pet’s name and she was just so friendly I was happy to accept. The only thing that would have been better is if she had sent me an email confirmation so I could have marked it in my calendar quick and easy! There are other ways to drum up business well in advance of the peak boarding season. You could send an e-blast using “Constant Contact” an online marketing company serving small businesses. The company offers email, social media, online survey and event marketing tools to send and track responses. If you don’t already ask existing customers for their email addresses, you should definitely start compiling an advertising database starting with them! If your location is situated on a busy street, take advantage of that prime real estate and print a large banner promoting your holiday boarding. You’d be surprised how many people drive to and from work and don’t even remember the drive! I know I’m guilty of that, but if I see a sign that’s out of the ordinary it will attract my attention and if it’s for a service that I need, I will make a mental note. Finally, don’t be shy. Tell your existing customers to spread the word. Local businesses are built on customer referrals so make sure your customers receive a friendly welcome and are 100% satisfied when they leave.

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