Raised Above Ground Dog Kennels

Direct Animal delivers healthy, durable above ground dog kennels with innovative designs that feature the industry’s most sanitary, noise reductive, and comfortable holding pens. Escape artists and the most active dogs are no match for our heaviest-gauge stainless steel. High-density-foam-insulated panels absorb the barking, yipping, and whining clamor to give you a quieter overall environment. We combine the practical considerations of animal care in luxury boarding facilities, doggie day cares, and rescue shelters with attractive aesthetic options that meet with your vision of professionalism.


Customize Your Raised Dog Kennels

What’s your vision? Classic stainless steel with glass doors, or bold color panels blended with steel to add a cheery look to your facility? At Direct Animal, all raised dog kennel components are designed to fit together, but you’ll also find all the right customization options for size, color, and material to suit your veterinary practice, boarding facility, doggie daycare, grooming spa, or adoption center. You have options when it comes to indoor dog kennels. Choose from:

  • Raised Dog Kennel Doors– With stainless steel or tempered glass with stainless steel tubing
  • Back Dog Kennel Panels– With stainless steel or Starlite color options
  • Side Dog Kennel Panels– With stainless steel or Starlite color options

If it’s color you love, choose vibrant Starlite. This durable polyethylene is the same antimicrobial material cutting boards are made from, and it comes in fade-resistant blue, clay, gray, green, maroon, orange, red, or yellow. See what can be achieved with Direct Animal elevated dog kennels by visiting our custom gallery for inspiration.

Raised Dog Kennels Offer Comfort and Cleanliness

If you’re dealing with dogs, you need a holding facility that resists waste, bugs, and cold. Customers choose a raised kennel over other types because it literally lifts pets off the floor, keeping them clean and comfortable. Thanks to the elevated kennel design, Dek-cellent antimicrobial flooring, and stainless steel waste collection pan, dogs in your care will never find themselves standing in urine, feces, fungus, or bacteria.

The shock-absorbent flooring and noise-reductive side panels ensure a comfortable, insulated place for pets to rest.

Like all other products we offer, our raised kennels are designed for maximum comfort, efficiency, safety, durability, and ease of use.

For assistance in configuring the best heavy duty dog kennel floor plans for your facility, contact us at 877-459-7827 or [email protected] for personalized customer service.

For assistance in configuring the best raised dog kennel floor plans for your facility…

Contact us at 877-459-7827 or [email protected] for personalized customer service.







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