Choose the most durable dog kennel designs for your facility, in sleek stainless steel or 4 popular colors

Stainless Steel Kennel Panels & Walls

Say goodbye to boring, old-fashioned dog kennel designs. Our engineers start with highly durable stainless-steel frames and add long-lasting dog kennel panels that look great and stand up to the daily needs of your animal care facility.

Whether you select gorgeous, hand-polished stainless-steel or the fun color punch of our Starlite side panels to complement your kennel floor plan, the choice is entirely yours. Either way, with our dynamic, high-quality commercial dog kennels, your business always wins.


Introducing the Industry’s Most Durable Dog Kennel Designs in Sleek Stainless Steel or Colorful Style Options.

Stainless Steel Kennel Panels

If you prefer classic stainless steel kennel side panels, you can count on us to provide maximum durability in a solid wall of 20-gauge heavy-duty stainless steel. We even add a “cross break” for more strength, bolstered by ultra-strong stainless steel rod ventilation panels that withstand the daily movement of big, active dogs.

Starlite Kennel Side Panels

If you prefer colorful side panels to complement your facility’s decor, consider our kennel walls made from HDPE (high density polyethylene). Available in 4 attractive colors, this FDA-approved material resists moisture, stains, odors, and scratches and stands up to tough cleaning chemicals. Best of all, you don’t have to compromise durability because these panels are framed in heavy-duty TYPE 304 stainless steel for long-lasting performance.

Cross-Ventilation Grill Panels

Our stainless steel cross-ventilation grill panels will fit the bill if your kennel floor plans already include built-in partitions. Whether you’re shopping for your grooming business, animal shelter, or doggy daycare, our grill panels are the perfect choice to keep your animals safe and comfortable.

Discover Side Panels That Fit Your Space, Needs, and Budget

You can find our high-quality, stainless steel dog kennel designs in luxury pet boarding facilities, animal shelters, doggy daycare centers, and veterinary clinics throughout North America. Our popular stainless-steel panels, colorful Starlite panels, kennel doors, and more are all made right here in the U.S.A.

Ready to select the ideal dog kennel panels for your facility? Contact us today at 877-459-7827 or [email protected] for assistance.








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