Why Buy?

Our dog kennel floor plans, cat condo plans, and every single Direct Animal cage, tub or other product is created with the same focus on your complete satisfaction.

Why Buy Direct? Each product, from unique dog kennel runs to digital pet scales, is designed for your maximum comfort, efficiency, safety, durability and ease of use.

We invite you to discover 7 important reasons to choose Direct Animal Products.

1. It’s all about your vision of success.
When your daily routine consists of playful animals, you need equipment that’s not only built to withstand constant use, it’s also designed to promote longevity for you, your team and your business or organization. With that in mind, our sales staff will want to know everything about your needs, wishes and vision for the long-term use of your equipment. We invite you to ask our sales staff lots of questions about why you should choose Direct Animal Products, so you feel 110% informed about this important investment.

2. Anything is possible when it comes to the right solution for you.
Just about everything we manufacture can be tailor-made to fit the dimensions of your existing or new facility. That’s because we customize each order to your specifications, including dog kennel floor plans, panels and cages; cat condo plans; dog grooming table, bathing tub and faucet configurations; pet scales and accessories, or anything else you need to provide pet-care services as you envisioned and as your clients expect. See our Custom Gallery for inspiration.

3. Your equipment is built from the most robust materials available.
Everyone claims they make “high quality” equipment, but we take it one step further. We seek out the best materials, starting with heavy gauge stainless steel that stands tough against years of use… so you’ll never see the warping you see with flimsier steel or even laminate. Without a foundation of strong, heavy-duty steel, nothing else matters. This is where the other manufacturers fall short.

4. Our welded construction ensures lasting performance.
We understand that the construction of the equipment is a key component to obtaining longevity. Even the best materials become compromised over time if you use silicone in the seams instead of welding them together… and it’s only a matter of time until you’re making a repair. That’s why we weld the stainless seams together for long-lasting performance, year after year.

5. We hand polish every weld for a knockout finish.
After using top-notch materials and unsurpassed construction, we take the time at the end to hand polish the welds. (Sometimes during the welding process, the tungsten can “glob up” when it gets hot, so our finishers grind out any weld and remove any goop.) All you see is exceptional quality you can be proud of.

6. You can expect us to “bake in” ergonomics and safety.
Our product design experts are zealots about your comfort and safety. We study ergonomics and how your use of our equipment will affect your back, shoulders, neck and more. We strive to help you avoid excessive bending and lifting, especially with large animals. For example, our 800-H hydraulic lift pet bathing tub works from a hand held control, lowered to the ground so groomers can load the animals through a door and then raise the tub to the most comfortable working height. This saves them from lifting heavy dogs up and over the tub, and is just one example of how we focus on your comfort.

7. It’s the best investment you can make for your business, with our equipment doing the heavy lifting for you.
From our choice of materials to the construction of our products, there’s a significant difference in our durability and value. We’re not the cheapest, off-the-shelf option. Instead, we’re proud to put our name on this equipment and we want you to be proud you’ve purchased it, whether you’re an owner/operator, an architect or a general contractor. When you consider your day-to-day tasks and how Direct Animal Products will support you for years to come, you’ll realize it’s a purchase you’ll NEVER regret, which can’t always be said when you try to save a few bucks.

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