Dog Grooming Tub Hair Trap

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With a quick turn of the wrist, empty our Catch-all Hair Trap and enjoy an open tub drain.

Dog hair is no longer a pain in the drain! The Catch All hair trap is one of our most popular dog groomer bathing supplies because it lets you easily eliminate clogs.

  • The trap is designed with an ingenious strainer that collects hair and debris
  • To empty and clean the trap, simply unscrew it and shake out the strainer, then put it back
  • This trap is used in place of a typical P-trap and can replace your existing hair trap in most cases.
  • Can be used with dog bathing tubs, wet/prep cabinets, sinks and more.

Say goodbye to clogged drains — get the dog grooming tub Catch All hair trap now.

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Product Number: D-1701
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