Veterinary Wet Prep 1 Door 3 Drawer

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For starters, this veterinary cabinet provides more storage under the knee space than any cabinets currently available.

Our classic veterinary wet prep cabinet is anything but standard. With impeccable stainless steel construction and plenty of storage, it’s the best value available.

  • Our 1-door, 3-drawer design provides roomy storage to keep necessities at hand (it’s the most storage of any wet prep cabinet!)
  • The 3” deep wet prep top is designed with a 1” slope from the knee space end to the drain, providing positive drainage at all times (no standing water inside the wet top!).
  • Drawers smoothly glide open and shut
  • Your choice of 60”L or 48″L. Both are 24” W x 36” H
  • Choose right or left knee space to fit perfectly in your work area
  • Optional grate can be added in stainless steel or Starlite colors for a pop of personality

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Product Number: D100-10, D100-15, D100-20, D100-25
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