Equipment You Need to Offer Overnight Boarding

 So, you’re ready to start your own overnight pet boarding facility? Whether you’re a small-time doggy daycare looking to expand, a vet clinic adding variety to your service menu, or a complete newbie hoping to cash-in on the quickly growing pet industry, we’ll let you know exactly what equipment you’ll need to get your overnight boarding facility up and running.

Room Dividers

A large part of operating a dog daycare and overnight boarding facility is facilitating and monitoring playtime. This can be difficult when boarding dogs of various ages, temperaments, and needs. With mobile room dividers, staff can easily separate the furry guests into groups and avoid any unwanted conflicts.

Deep Washing Tub

Things get messy at boarding facilities, which means you will need a good washing tub to complete all of your cleaning. Instead of opting for a standard slop sink, though, you should consider something more versatile to match your different needs. Things like extending hoses, extra deep basins, and stainless steel construction will go a long way in your daily cleaning chores.

Grooming Tub

If you’re adding grooming to your list of services for your overnight boarding facility, you’ll need to invest in a proper grooming tub. Ensure that your grooming set up can accommodate various size dogs by either investing in multiple tubs or purchasing a tub with added accessories like elevated grates, ramps, extendable hoses, sealable doors, and more. Every tub should also have a leash connect.


Not only will a fridge help you keep your packed lunch (or midnight snack) fresh, it is also extremely important for storing medications and fresh or frozen foods. Depending on the size of your facility and what you offer, you may be able to get away with a small fridge/freezer combo or may have to invest in a larger model.

Dog Kennels

Kennels are an essential part of running any facility with multiple pets. While the dogs should spend a large part of their day playing freely, you still need animal cages to facilitate feeding time and ensure a safe night’s sleep.

Cages don’t have to feel like small cramped spaces. You can add a mix of beautiful double-stack kennels to house smaller breeds, guillotine kennels for larger, active dogs, or even opt for large, luxury-style kennels to really wow your clients.

Cat Condos

If you are also planning to board felines, make sure you purchase a cage system specific to their needs. Cats require different things in their cage and can be more stressed during boarding than dogs. Installing cat condos that are higher up, away from dogs, and in multi-level or multi-room cages will make your felines feel most at ease during their sleepover.

Relief Stations

Pet relief stations are a great way to keep a cleaner facility. These stations replicate outdoor relief areas so that dogs feel naturally drawn to do their business there (versus doing it wherever in the play area). The stations are also easy to clean and can even be hooked up to an automatic drain system.

Air conditioning and air purification system

It’s no surprise that an animal boarding facility can get smelly. Keeping a cooler temperature will prevent overactive sweat glands and will also help to reduce humidity, which can hold onto and carry smells longer and further.

A quality air purification system is also a must to minimize odors, reduce allergy-inducing animal dander, prevent the spread of airborne illnesses, and maintain a hygienic facility.

Where to find quality animal boarding equipment

At Direct Animal, we are experts in the unique needs of animal care businesses like doggy daycares and overnight boarding facilities. We offer affordable, high-quality, stainless steel cages for animals and other equipment that improves the look, functionality, and cleanliness of your business.

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