Dog Daycare Room Dividers

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Our beautiful, tall dog room dividers solve your need to offer separate play areas for big dogs and little dogs or for drop-off and pick up areas. Find out why doggie daycares, training centers, pet groomers, and boarding facilities love using our our colorful Starlite kennel dividers to create stylish, pet-safe areas. With customizable colors and sizes, you can optimize your layout and make a great first impression on your clients.

Our Starlite Dog Room Dividers Are Stylish and Durable

From redesigning your play areas to upgrading your facility’s décor, our interchangeable dog daycare room dividers offer an easy, stylish, and versatile solution for your business.

Our dog gates are designed with innovative features to meet your facility’s daily needs and save strain and stress for your staff:

  • The wall panels are made of FDA-approved HDPE (high-density polyethylene). Similar to cutting board material, HDPE can stand up to anything active dogs can dish out because it resists scratches, moisture, stains, odors, and cleaning chemicals.
  • Each wall panel is set inside a hand-welded, heavy-duty, stainless-steel frame—the most durable frame available.
  • With wheels that roll and lock, you can easily move this room divider anywhere you like.

To complement your setting, you can choose from a variety of elegant Starlite panel colors, including blue, green, red, and clay. Our attractive Starlite panels are available in standard 4’H x 6’W sizes or customized sizes to suit your facility’s specific layout and needs.

Create Pet-Safe Spaces With Dog Daycare Room Dividers from Direct Animal

To keep your animals safe, comfortable, and stress-free, you’ll likely want to establish at least two play areas: one for larger dogs and one for smaller breeds. For the large-breed area, it’s common to allocate some extra space for bigger, hyperactive dogs to play, run around, and socialize. Our divider panels and gates are the perfect solution for adjusting your space as needs require, such as creating convenient areas for pet drop-offs and pick-ups.

Our industrial-strength Starlite panels offer unrivaled durability, with heavy-duty stainless steel to withstand decades of daily use. They’re easy to clean and can be moved quickly and efficiently. Whether you’re reimagining the layout of your facility or upgrading your equipment, our tough and versatile dog daycare room dividers are designed to meet your needs.

Get the Perfect Dog Room Dividers for Your Animal Care Facility

If you’re looking to create stylish, pet-safe areas, our innovative Starlite dog room dividers can take your facility to the next level. Find out why doggie daycares, luxury boarding facilities, kennels, and police canine training facilities count on our dog daycare equipment and grooming equipment for their business.

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