Who Will Take Care of My Dog When I Go Back to Work?

For many of us working from home throughout the pandemic, our furry friends have become our constant companions. But as we prepare to return to the office, we may be worried about who will spend time with our dogs during the day and how they will readjust to the new schedule.

Enlisting the help of trusted friends, neighbors, family members, and even your local doggy daycare can help smooth the transition and give you peace of mind when returning to work.

Ask Friends and Family

When returning to work, it makes sense to ask available friends, relatives, or neighbors who already know your furry friend to help take care of your dog.

However, while leaving your dog with a friend or relative might seem convenient at first, you’ll need to consider several factors, such as your dog’s needs and routines and the level of commitment you’re asking from the friend, before finalizing the arrangement.

Hire a dog sitter

Professional dog sitters are available for hire in most areas and come to your house to spend time with your dog, cover their basic care needs, take them for walks, and more. Dog sitters are especially helpful if your dog doesn’t do well in unfamiliar environments or has a very specific routine. You can choose how many hours you want to have your sitter.

Opting for doggy daycare

If you can’t find a trusted friend or family member to watch your dog during the workday, consider dropping your dog off at your local reputable doggy daycare.

Doggy daycare is much more than a place to drop your dog off during the day. In many cases, high-energy dogs can benefit significantly from doggy daycare, which provides socialization opportunities and helps dogs combat separation anxiety.

Not only can interacting with other dogs boost your dog’s confidence, but it also provides mental stimulation and physical activities throughout the day. Above all else, dropping your dog off at doggy daycare gives you the peace of mind of knowing your dog is safe in the hands of trained professionals while you’re at work.

Preparing them to stay home alone

If you choose to keep your dog home alone, you’ll need to take steps to prepare your dog for your absence. Start by leaving the house more frequently, gradually increasing the duration of your absence each time. These absences can help your pet adjust to the idea of you being away and help them understand that you’ll always come back.

If you typically wear certain clothes to work or give your dog a special treat on your way out, start these “rituals” again before returning to work. Additionally, reinstitute your old routine, including your dog’s old walking and meal times. Avoid taking your dog on a walk or letting them play outside during the hours you’ll be at work.

The first week you return to the office will be the toughest, but as you and your furry friend start to adjust to your new routine, you’ll both feel more comfortable. All in all, trusted friends, family members, neighbors, and your local doggy daycare can help ensure your furry friend stays happy and healthy in your absence.

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