Galvanized Steel Cages for Animals

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Galvanized cages from Direct Animal are built tough to withstand the worst that your furry clients can dish out and last the lifetime of your facility. They’re easy to clean, ergonomically designed, and made to prioritize pet safety. See for yourself why our steel cages for animals are so popular with luxury boarding facilities, doggy daycares, animal shelters, and more!

Galvanized Cages That You Can Rely On

Not only are Direct Animal galvanized cages built for long-lasting durability, they’re also designed to stay sanitary during use as grooming cages, boarding cages, shelter cages, and more.

Every enclosure can be quickly cleaned individually, even during use. There’s no need to remove the animal, because our perforated subfloor elevates the pet,  letting fluids and other waste materials drain below. You can conveniently remove the collection tray without opening the cage door.


Galvanized Steel Cage Design Features

 ·         Heavy-duty 18-gauge galvanized steel stands up to all types of uses, including large and small dog cages, cattery cages, and other animal habitats

·         Stainless-steel cage grill doors are tough enough to withstand active, biting pups

·         Slam latch ensures quick one-handed closing

·         HDPE raised flooring allows fluids to drain away from pets

·         OPTIONAL: TopCap trim piece for the top of the cages

Direct Animal’s galvanized steel cages are designed for maximum efficiency, ergonomics, and animal safety. Rapid, one-handed closure is easy with our specially designed latches, and you’re sure to find sanitation to be a breeze.

Double-Stacked Galvanized Dog Cages

We know that busy animal shelters, humane societies, and canine police facilities have little room to spare. That’s why we’ve designed our indestructible, double-stacked, galvanized cages to make the best use of the space you have available. They’re made from heavy-gauge stainless steel with a ¼” clear tempered glass, offering unrivaled resistance to daily wear and tear.

It’s hard to beat the convenience of our double-stacked design. The rotating food and water bowls enable you to handle these care tasks without ever opening the door. Waste fluids drain below the raised floor, and solids are safely captured in the waste tray, which can also be removed and cleaned without having to move the animal.

Titan: Our Most Durable Galvanized Animal Cage

Our most durable galvanized animal cage yet—the Titan—is tough enough to stand up to even the most aggressive dogs. The Titan’s panels are guaranteed to never become misaligned, no matter how often the cage is used or how hyperactive your clients are.

Our engineers designed the door hinges out of 16-gauge stainless steel, which means you’ll never have to worry about sagging doors. Our unique lift-off hinge design lets you completely lift off the door for convenient, thorough cleaning.

The Titan also features reinforced corners and a latch that can be padlocked. Like all of our galvanized steel cages, the Titan makes animal transfers easy with one-handed closures.

Learn More About Our Professional Galvanized Pet Cages

Looking to optimize your facility’s space? Working with a limited budget? The pros at Direct Animal can help you choose the perfect setup for galvanized steel cages in your animal shelter, grooming business, or luxury boarding facility.

Contact our knowledgeable sales team today to inquire about our custom design services or to request our product catalog! We’re confident in your 100% satisfaction with our line of animal shelter equipment, including animal cages built to withstand decades of use.

Call us today at 877.459.7827 or email us at [email protected].

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