Pets Scales for veterinarians & Animal Shelters

At Direct Animal, all of our dog and cat weight scales are constructed with industrial-strength stainless steel to last the lifetime of your facility. Our pet scales are not only durable, but easy to operate and always accurate. See for yourself why these heavy-duty animal scales get rave reviews from groomers, luxury boarding facilities, rescue shelters, and more!


Superior Pet Scales Designed for Your Business

  • Digital Dog Floor Scale: For use with all pets, our easy-to-operate floor scale is compact and lightweight yet can stand up to even the biggest dogs. It includes a digital readout, stainless steel top, and rubber mat.
  • Digital Cat Scale: Our compact and lightweight feline scale delivers accurate and reliable readings and has a 44-pound capacity.

We know that pet scales can wear out quickly, especially at busy veterinary clinics, doggy daycares, and animal shelters. If you’re tired of replacing your digital dog scale every few years, it’s time to upgrade to a product of superior quality. Direct Animal Products offers a full suite of veterinary equipment, including state-of-the-art digital cat scales and digital dog scales.

Is It Time To Replace Your Animal Scales?

It might be time to upgrade to a superior Direct Animal scale if you notice any of the following problems with your current scale:

  • Rust or other corrosive damage
  • Illegible display readings
  • Unstable readings (display fluctuates)
  • Inconsistent readings (same test object gives different readings)
  • Inaccurate readings among different scales (same test object gives different readings when placed on different scales) 

Spacious, Highly Accurate Digital Dog Scales

We’ve made our digital dog scale extra spacious and rugged to accommodate the largest of dogs—from Great Danes to Malamutes to Caucasian Ovcharkas! Our stainless steel design can safely hold up to 500 pounds — which means it’s even capable of supporting a miniature horse!

No matter what the weight of the animal is, you’re guaranteed accuracy with the four load cells.

Every detail on our digital pet scale saves time and helps your day-to-day activities run as smoothly as possible. 

The platform dimensions of this floor scale are 42” in length and 22” in width. It’s simple to operate, and the “Hold” feature guarantees reliable accuracy every time. To conserve energy, we’ve built in an automatic “Power Off” feature. And for your convenience, it’s operable with the internal battery or AC power.

Portable Digital Cat Scales

Digital cat scales need to be highly portable, as they’re often moved from room to room depending on need. Our scale is the perfect solution: It is lightweight and compact and can operate with both an AC power cord or via the internal battery to eliminate the need for wires.  Despite its own reduced weight, this scale is hefty enough to withstand up to 44 pounds (20 kilograms). Like our dog scale, it’s constructed from never-fail, heavy-duty stainless steel to withstand daily wear-and-tear from your feline clients.

Our durable, rugged digital cat scale gives reliably accurate readings every time. Plus, it’s a breeze to operate. Use the “Hold” feature to increase accuracy even further.

Top-Quality Pet Scales from Direct Animal

When you choose Direct Animal for your veterinary equipment needs, you can expect superior quality, accurate measurements, and long-lasting durability. We offer a wide selection of equipment for veterinarians – from highly accurate pet scales to top-quality pet wash tubs and stainless steel grooming tub designs.

Here at Direct Animal, your complete satisfaction is our highest priority. Chat with our sales team about animal scales for your luxury boarding facility or doggy daycare, and check out our downloadable catalog for information about our other premium animal products.

Contact us at 877-459-7827 or [email protected] for assistance.








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