New Trends in the Pet Industry

The world of pet ownership is much different today than it was 20 years ago. Animal lovers are more obsessed than ever with their furry family members and are investing more and more money into their health, wellbeing, and style. This year alone, the pet industry is expected to rake in roughly $99 billion, which is more than a 560 percent growth from pet-related sales in 1994.

So, if owners are spending so much money on their animals, where is the money going? Here are some of the newest growing trends in the pet industry. 

Doggy Daycares

Most pet owners are busy working long hours and fulfilling social obligations. So instead of neglecting their dog and leaving them home alone for hours, responsible pet owners are investing in doggy daycares. It also serves a double purpose to help your dog socialize with other pups.

Pet-Friendly Bars and Restaurants

People love their pets, which is why they want to hang out with them as much as possible. Many restaurants and bars are capitalizing on this trend by offering pet-friendly patios and service areas. Bark and brews anyone?


The pet clothing industry is growing in numbers and size. What once used to be reserved for small designer breeds is now becoming standard for dogs of all sizes. After all, who can resist a crazy costume, cute flannel, or a stylish suit for your cat or dog?

Spa Days

The pet grooming sector is booming, and not just for wash and cuts. On top of more advanced clippers and trimmers, and working out tangled knots with more specialized brushes and combs, pet owners are working out muscle knots, too, and investing in massage oils for their dogs. Other luxury spa services include dental cleanings, facials, hair masks, and even hair coloring.

Natural Products

Consumers are smarter about the ingredients in their products, and they’re using that same savviness when choosing what to put on their pets. Pet owners are ditching paraben-filled shampoos and harsh flea and tick medicines for greener, more natural cleaning and pest management products.


Canines and felines are stamping passports right alongside their owners nowadays, with more owners opting to bring their four-legged bestie with them on their trips. Because of the higher demand, there is a growing availability of pet-friendly accommodations.

Pet Cameras

Dog owners are busier. They’re also more obsessed with checking in on their pup. Pet cams are becoming increasingly popular, with some also allowing you to talk to your dog, trigger soothing noises, and even dispense treats throughout the day.

Pet Birthdays

With many millennials skipping over children, pets are quickly becoming the center of attention—birthday parties and all. Some may go all out, inviting friends and fur-mates, while others may simply opt for a special cake from their local dog-bakery.

Subscription Boxes

Surprise subscription boxes come in all shapes and sizes, and some of them could be arriving for your pet. Pet subscription boxes are a hot trend for pet owners looking to spoil their pets with the latest high-end treats, toys, and training items.

More Check-ups

This trend is undoubtedly a positive one. More and more pet owners are taking their pet’s health seriously and keeping up with vet visits. Spaying and neutering have also become a prevalent practice, helping to cut down on unwanted litters.

Smartly-made and long-lasting pet equipment

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