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Direct Animal is a leading destination for discerning pet care providers who need a full range of professional animal equipment. Whether your business is a dedicated grooming salon, a luxury boarding facility, or an animal rescue- you need tools that are versatile and sturdy enough to handle animals of all sizes and temperament. See why so many top animal facilities rely on our practical designs, exceptional craftsmanship and expert service.

How to choose professional animal equipment

Direct Animal offers top-tier quality products at affordable prices for animal caregivers and rescuers who need to stay competitive. From professional grooming tools and veterinary exam tables to kennels and doggie day care supplies, our equipment will enhance your professional image and help you get the job done safely for both your staff and your four-legged customers.
Professionals in the animal care industry turn to us when they need equipment that meets only the highest standards of:
• Craftsmanship
• Durability
• Convenience
• Easy sanitation

The Essentials: Dog kennels, cat condos, & cages

Direct Animal kennels are built in the USA from heavy-gauge stainless steel and are ideal for all types of temporary animal housing from short-term daily vet visits to longer term stays at local humane societies. Customers enjoy the low-maintenance that comes with our solid construction and quiet handling. Choose from features including flexible panels and other components that work in any size space.
Cat care providers can choose from our wide inventory of essential cat condos. Enjoy custom configuration and durability that ensures kitty comfort and a healthy environment for felines awaiting their new forever home or for their family to return from vacation.
All professional animal facilities need to be able to safely house, examine, and clean their special tenants. It is our job at Direct Animal to make your job as easy as possible.

Must-have, professional animal grooming tables & tubs

At Direct Animal, we’ve invested a great deal of time and effort into finding out exactly what professional dog groomers need from their equipment. One issue kept coming up: A solution for the back pain and other orthopedic problems that long hours of grooming can cause.
In response, we’ve developed our patented dog grooming tub, swivel ramp, and electric hydraulic bathing tub—all designed to save your aching back, while giving dogs the comfort, support, and safety they need.
Our hydraulic bathing tub is a must-have. It features a quiet lift system that eliminates the need for a ramp. Our bathing tub features high splash guards, a tie down rail, and solid, one-piece welding for maximum durability. Alternatively, choose our grooming tub with a swivel ramp, which gives your entire staff some much-needed flexibility to handle all sorts of pets.
Other must-have professional dog grooming tools include:
• Grooming faucet hose
• 4” or 8” grooming faucet
• Foolproof hair trap
• Convenient shampoo racks
When bath time is over, escort the clean, happy pet over to Direct Animal’s electric lowboy dog grooming table. Built with heavy-gauge steel construction, this table adjusts its height with a simple foot pedal—no more injuring your back trying to wrestle a heavy pet up on the table. Swivel casters and reliable brakes make this grooming table either mobile or stationary.

Trust Direct Animal for the best in animal care equipment

Direct Animal invites you to have a free, personal consultation with our animal care equipment specialists. Whether you are a veterinarian, need to outfit an entire space with equipment for a new luxury pet resort, or just need some new pieces for your local animal shelter, we look forward to getting your facility in top operating condition. Call us today at 877.459.7827 or send us an email at [email protected]. Be sure to download or request a free catalog from our website.