Triple Stack Stainless Steel Cat Condo

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Direct Animal invites you to consider the many reasons some of your peers won’t go with anything other than classic, durable stainless.

5 reasons why many of our customers vote stainless steel as the best cat condo material (it has to do with high-quality materials and our unique designs):

  1. Our non-porous floors, doors and sides never warp (we use the heaviest gauge stainless steel in the industry) and never absorb urine or harsh cleaners
  2. Easy-clean hand-welded and polished radius corners don’t catch on fur
  3. A fun cat condo perch/platform is included in each unit, plus our separate kitty litters keep things tidy and sanitary.
  4. Our urine-retaining lip helps prevent fluids from leaking into surrounding areas
  5. 4” double ball bearing casters lock securely in place

Dimensions: 29″W x 78″H x 29″D

Let us build the best stainless steel cat house and condo units for you.

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