Economy Grooming Tub

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Tight budget? You don’t have to compromise on quality and function with economy grooming tubs from Direct Animal Products. Our low priced grooming tubs and wash tubs include many of our signature high-end features you’ll enjoy for years.

  • 18 gauge type 304 stainless steel construction offers industrial strength performance with even the big dogs. And, you can count on our durable stainless steel underframe with bracing for a very solid base that provides extra support.
  • Our unique tub design is a fully welded workhorse that guards against leaks — compare this against other tubs using screws to hold together separate sections that crack and gap very quickly over time!
  • Thanks to our high backsplash design, you can rest easy knowing your walls won’t suffer water damage as time goes by.
  • Use our handy built-in tie-down rail to safely secure all animals in your care.
  • It truly is a great solution for facilities on a tight budget!

The outside dimensions of the economical grooming tub are: 48″W x 58″H x 24 5/8″D. The center drain is standard, and the faucet is optional. Additional options include:

  • 20″ x 20″ x 12″ HDPE raised grate
  • 35″ x 22″ HDPE floor grate

Our many low-priced grooming tubs

In addition to our economy model, we have many low-priced grooming tubs available with innovative features to suit every veterinary clinic, canine unit, doggy daycare, and animal shelter.

Check out our ADA-compliant grooming tub, which is a modified version of our patented swivel ramp grooming tub. It features easy-to-reach fixtures and a shallower tub at a lower height—perfect for wheelchair groomers!

Or, choose our low-priced grooming tub that features a hydraulic lift. We also offer multiple options for ramp tubs, including removable ramps and swivel ramps to avoid taking up too much floor space.

Choose Direct Animal’s economical grooming tubs

Direct Animal Products has long been a leader in the veterinary equipment sector. We work closely with luxury boarding facilities, animal shelters, and doggy daycares to find out exactly what pet caregivers are looking for in a grooming tub, and affordability is at the top of the list of must-have features. That’s why we’re pleased to offer our economical grooming tubs.

The economy grooming tub is one of our bestsellers. It’s built with our signature, hand-welded process to give luxury boarding facilities and animal shelters the superior quality and durability they’ve come to expect from Direct Animal. To protect the wall it is set against, the economy grooming tub features a high backsplash. Plus, the built-in tie-down rail allows you to safely and securely restrain animals as you bathe them.

One (or more!) of our economy dog grooming tubs can be yours in no time. Contact Direct Animal Products today for more information about our full line of economical grooming tubs. Our friendly sales reps will help you find the right equipment for your facility at the right price. Call 877.459.7827 or email us at [email protected], and be sure to ask us about our custom design services.

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