Raised Dog Kennel Flooring

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Raised Dog Kennel Flooring by Dek-Cellent

  • for Raised Kennel Run (2 piece per kennel enclosure)
  • elevates dogs so they are never standing in their own urine.
  • will not absorb moisture or odors and resists bacterial and fungal growth.
  • The surface absorbs shock and noise and provides an insulated place to rest.
  • legs, frame and support system are all welded to the deck to form a one-piece totally-coated unit.
  • Available in both blue and sand color options.


  • 1036-60-RF 36″x60″ Raised Kennel Flooring
  • 1036-72-RF 36″x72″ Raised Kennel Flooring
  • 1048-60-RF 48″x60″ Raised Kennel Flooring
  • 1048-72-RF 48″x72″ Raised Kennel Flooring


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Product Number: 1036-60-RF, 1036-72-RF, 1048-60-RF, 1048-72-RF
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