45 Degree Sides Grooming Tub

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After all, it looks like other dog grooming tubs at first glance. But look deeper.

Looks simple enough, with its 45-degree angled sides for plenty of elbow room. But this dog wash tub has something no other companies provide. Actually, several things: 

  • 16 gauge type 304 stainless steel: When you look around, other companies aren’t offering 16-gauge steel, which is highly durable and won’t ever warp
  • Anti-leak design: Our team has created a fully welded grooming tub design — no silicone seams, screws or other elements to loosen or gap over time and cause leaks
  • Wall protection: Our high backsplash design helps prevent water damage to walls
  • A nice depth: This versatile grooming tub depth is 13” for easy bathing of most animals
  • Easy on your back: An elevated grate guide system makes it easier to bathe small animals; 23” x 20” HDPE Elevated Grate included
  • Secure animals: Keeps animals in place with a tie-down rail located on the backsplash, plus 3 tie-down d-ring locations
  • Super sturdy base: Thanks to a fully welded stainless steel tubing underframe
  • Nothing in the way: The faucet is conveniently and safely located up and out of the way Center drain.

Outside Dimensions [800-15]: 47.25″W x 55″H x 26 5/8″D (Front to Back). Tub depth 13”. Center Drain.

Outside Dimensions [800-16]: 35.25″W x 55″H x 26 5/8″D (Front to Back). Tub depth 13”. Center Drain.

Looking for more reasons to choose our 45degree sided dog grooming tubs?

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Product Number: 800-15
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