Choosing a dog wash company to create profitable property pet spas

If your company designs or manages apartment complexes, condo communities, planned neighborhoods or other housing complexes… you know how hard it can be to one-up your local competition and separate your advantages from the pack. Your ongoing challenge is to fill vacancies, and you’re always looking for new ways to appeal to potential residents, especially those with pets.

A big trend for many architects or management companies is to add self dog-wash facilities or “pet spas” as a great way to stand apart from other local options and attract more residents.

Direct Animal image: We designed our dog grooming tubs with patented swivel ramp to solve the problem of lifting heavy dogs into a bath


Let’s take a look at how you can choose a professional dog-wash company to help you create a fabulous pet spa/station your residents will love.

Here at Direct Animal Products, we’ve noticed that we’re receiving a lot of inquiries from companies that manage multi-family dwellings such as apartment complexes. They’re calling us to help them choose pet-friendly amenities that enhance their special pet-walk areas, for instance.

Many of them are incorporating “Pet Spas,” which is really just a fancy term for dog-wash stations. In most cases, the station is a separate room in the community common building, and it houses a dog bath tub and a table for drying them off.

These companies turn to us because we’re known for manufacturing high quality dog-grooming equipment that lasts for decades. Here’s our most popular setup for a community dog wash station.

  • Start with a stainless steel, ergonomic dog wash tub with a sprayer hose. This is  your pet spa foundation. You want to make it easy and comfortable for anyone to wash a dog. We recommend our patented model 800 swivel ramp grooming tub because it’s engineered in heavy-gauge, industrial strength stainless steel so it never warps. And, it’s hand-welded and polished, so no seams or gaps. Finally, dog owners never have to lift big or squirmy dogs into the tub. They simply nudge the ramp with their foot and it’s quickly in place, ready for dogs of all sizes. The ramp rotates left or right to accommodate anyone.
  • Next, set up a super-sturdy stainless steel table. Your residents will need a solid surface for drying their dogs. We offer a variety of dog grooming tables as well as simple stationary pet drying tables that will fit the bill and last for many years. All our grooming tables are built with heavy-gauge all-steel construction, and some come with foot-operated, adjustable hydraulics for smoothly raising and lowering the table surface. And rest assured, our tables come with advanced, built-in safety features.

Our clients have told us that a self dog wash station is a popular amenity that makes pet owners happy; it’s often why they move to the client’s property.

If you’d like to explore a pet spa for your community, contacting us for assistance. Call us at 877.459.7827 or email [email protected].

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