Update on Pet Spas for Condos and Apartment Complexes

We’ve reported that more and more multi-family housing architects have been asking if we can supply equipment for self dog-wash facilities, pet-washing stations, or “pet spas” as a great way to attract more residents.

And, we noted an increase in inquiries from companies that manage existing multi-family dwellings such as apartment complexes.

That was just the beginning of a massively popular pet spas trend in housing. Here’s an update on this trend… and how you can offer your housing complex a fabulous pet spa/station your residents will love.

Wow, pet-loving residents of condos, co-ops and apartments are taking pet care to a whole new level. And housing complex managers and designers are responding across the U.S. and Canada.

Here’s the most recent evidence we found:

  • A recent Realtor Magazine article called, “The Power of Pets,” mentions that, “Luxury condo buildings are marketing amenities to pet-loving households, offering rooftop pet parks and spas (complete with “pawdicures”), dogbone-shaped swimming pools, pet fitness yoga classes and treadmill sessions, and even “yappy hours” social mixers.”
  • In a New York Times article, a representative for Pet-Friendly Manhattan Real Estate estimated that, “About 50 percent of residential buildings in New York today allow dogs, with condominiums and co-ops generally more pet-friendly than rentals.”
  • Individual condo complexes are touting pet amenities as a powerful way to attract residents. For instance, Belleview City Condos in Seattle recently posted an article about “Pet Suites – the New Design Trend.”
  • All over the country, real estate websites are including sections offering “pet friendly apartments” and other types of properties. There’s even a website called “Citizens for Pets in Condos.”

This is just a small sampling of articles we found regarding the exploding demand for pet spas and other amenities in the condo and apartment world.

So if you’re an architect, builder, or manager of multi-family housing complexes, how do you help meet the demand for pet-friendly housing?

You can recommend and design pet spas and other attractive pet-care amenities into all of your housing designs. It will be well worth the effort, whether you’re creating a new housing complex or managing an existing community.

As a dog wash company that specializes in exceptional quality, stainless steel dog bath tubs and more… we offer two main products to get you started:Direct Animal blog: Our stainless steel, ergonomic, self dog-wash tub can be adjusted for dogs of all sizes, thanks to our patented swivel ramp feature

  • Our stainless steel, ergonomic, self dog-wash tub with a sprayer hose. Our popular, patented model 800 swivel ramp grooming tub makes dog washing a breeze because dog owners never have to lift big or squirmy dogs into the tub. They simply nudge the ramp with their foot and it’s quickly in place, ready for dogs of all sizes. The ramp rotates left or right to accommodate anyone.  Direct Animal blog: Our electric dog drying table is perfect for condo or apartment pet spas.
  • Our super-sturdy stainless steel dog drying table. Your residents will need a solid surface for drying their dogs with an attached dryer. Also, check out our electric dog-grooming table or ask about other options to choose the best model for your design.

Our clients have told us that a self dog-wash station is a popular amenity that makes pet owners happy; it’s often why they move to the client’s property.

If you’d like to explore a pet spa for your community, contacting us for assistance. Call us at 877.459.7827 or email [email protected].

Other Questions? Comments? Please add a comment below. Thank you.

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