What to Do With Aggressive Cats in a Cat Run?

Most cats become aggressive due to the added stress and fear caused by unfamiliar surroundings and act aggressively as a way to protect themselves and warn off potential threats. The best way to reduce or eliminate aggression in cats is to find ways to put them at ease. Having an aggressive feline in a cat run can put everyone on edge, from staff to other cats. Knowing how to effectively deal with aggression (and understanding where it comes from) can help you put things back to peaceful order.

Give cats space

Though they’re small animals, cats still need space. Preferably, cats should have a cat condo that offers pass-thru portals, perches, hiding spaces, and more. When a cat has space to roam or separate itself from other cats as needed, it can reduce their anxiety and keep them from having a hissing fit with its new roommates. Fun cat condo features feed into their natural desires to climb and perch.

Make the space familiar

During the onboarding process, you may ask clients if their cat has a history of anxiety or aggression during office visits or overnight stays. If so, you can request that the client bring something familiar for their feline to find comfort in. It could be a toy, a favorite blanket, or a shirt that smells like the owner. These small things can make a big impact, allowing the cat to find a space that smells, looks, and feels at least a little bit familiar.  

Minimize interactions

Finally, if a cat is becoming aggressive or is under visible distress, the best thing you can do is let it be. Staff should avoid entering the cage as much as possible in order to allow the cat the time it needs to relax. Choosing a condo that comes standard with a urine trap and other features that make it easy to catch and clean messes will prevent you from needing to open the cage often for cleaning. Adding the swivel bowl feature to your luxury cat run is also a great addition that allows staff to quickly freshen food and water without disturbing the cat or risking an escape.

If you struggle with aggressive cats in your veterinarian clinic, boarding facility, or grooming practice, we can help. Call Direct Animal today to see how our specially-designed veterinarian equipment can help you build a more peaceful and safer sanctuary for your feline patients. 

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