Pet Relief Area for Public Parks

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Pet relief stations for parks are the perfect solution to ensure that both dogs and humans can enjoy public green spaces without unsightly messes or damage to the landscape. Preserve park lawns and keep pedestrian walkways clean and safe by installing innovative, cost-effective pet relief stations from Direct Animal that are easy to install and clean, and built to last.

Reasons why your community should consider pet relief stations for parks:

  • They keep messes off of the lawn and protect greenery
  • They are simple to install and even easier to clean
  • It keeps the park hygienic
  • Dogs are naturally drawn to the relief station, with artificial grass and even a faux-fire hydrant
  • They can provide green space in areas covered in cement
  • An animal relief station can stand alone or become a part of a more extensive dog park

If you are designing a new park or are looking to improve an existing one, call Direct Animal today to learn more about the benefits of park pet relief areas.

  • No training required – dogs naturally search for grassy areas to relieve themselves and they will sniff out the most widely used “indoor grass” where other dogs have marked their territory.
  • Not enough grass in your retail space? No problem, with this relief station there is no outdoor potty area required.
  • When it’s a rainy day and other dog daycares are walking dogs in the wet/muddy ground, your clients are staying clean and dry!
  • *Our indoor potty drains directly into the floor so a quick rinse and you’re refreshed and ready to go.

*Our system hooks into the existing drain

Dimensions: 72″ x 36″ x 6″D

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