Top 3 Groomer FAQs About Dog Grooming Tubs, Table and Cages

Every day, members of our Direct Animal Products grooming-equipment manufacturing and sales team are on the phone and in the field, answering questions for professional dog groomers.

Grooming business owners want to know they’re investing in quality equipment that will stand up to all types of dogs and situations, for many years to come. So when they’re ready to make a purchase, they come to us armed with a big list of questions — whether they’re starting out, renovating, or building an entirely new facility.

Over the 30 years we’ve been designing innovative equipment, we’ve identified the top three questions we get asked about our dog grooming tubs, table and cages.

The following answers may help you, too!

  1. What is the construction of your dog grooming tubs?

Groomers know that a high-quality tub is critical to their business, since it’s going to get used a LOT every day, year after year. Therefore the biggest question they have is, “How is it made… and how long will it last?”

Let’s start with how it’s made. We actually have several stainless steel dog grooming tubs to choose from, and they’re all constructed similarly:

  • We start with heavy-duty16-gauge type 304 stainless steel — the sturdiest in the industry. Direct Animal image: All our tubs are constructed with heavy-gauge stainless steel, but what really piques the interest of groomers is our most popular model — our patented Swivel Ramp Dog Grooming Tub.
  • Our one-piece tub design is fully welded so it never leaks. (This is unique in that other tubs have seams bolted together. These can warp and shift over time, causing leaks.)
  • We also include an ultra-high backsplash that helps prevent water damage to surrounding walls in your bathing room (higher than most!).
  • The entire tub is reinforced underneath with a fully welded, stainless steel tubing underframe that will never sag or buckle.
  • Our built-in 1” slope helps water flow naturally toward the drain.
  • Dogs stay securely in place thanks to the tie-down rail located on the back of the tub, and 3 heavy-duty tie-down D rings.
  • The stainless steel faucet is located safely up and out of your way.
  • Our tubs also come with a removable elevated grate system, making it easier to reach and bathe smaller dogs.

Now, this is the way we design ALL our tubs, but what really piques the interest of groomers is our most popular model — our patented Swivel Ramp Dog Grooming Tub, shown in this image.

There’s no other dog bath tub on the market that lets you simply guide dogs of all sizes up the ramp into the grooming tub opening.

Imagine the back-saving advantages of never having to lift dogs up into a tub. All you need to do is nudge the ramp with your foot (from the left side or the right, your choice)… and it’s ready to go.

We’ve been asked why we used a ramp instead of steps. It’s all about stability and easy handling of pets. When dogs are stepping down our reinforced ramp, they can’t slip and hurt themselves. Steps are more difficult for some dogs.

All of these construction details result in tubs built to last for decades… quite frankly, for the life of your grooming business. You shouldn’t ever need to replace our tubs.

On to the next common question.

  1. How is your dog grooming table made, and why is it the best choice for me?

Before we answer this question, we’d like to paint a picture in your mind for a moment.

You and the members of your team are different people, right? Different heights, left-handed vs. right-handed, different grooming styles, etc. The same goes for dogs in your care. They come in a variety of sizes, temperaments, and comfort levels when it comes to being groomed.

We took all of this into consideration when designing our versatile, Electric Lowboy Dog Grooming Table.

  • Once again, we use heavy-duty16-gauge type 304 stainless steel to build tables that support dogs of all sizes. Direct Animal image: Our versatile, Electric Lowboy Dog Grooming Table is built with a number of safety features based on the needs of groomers and dogs.
  • We make sure the electric jackscrew components have been engineered for smooth and quiet height adjustments (from 6 to 42 inches), so animals are less likely to be frightened.
  • We make it easy for anyone on your staff to adjust the height safely and comfortably, hands-free! All you do is step lightly on the pedal to quickly bring the tabletop to the perfect setting.
  • Other built-in safety features include a built-in post, clamp, top and bellows cover to keep pets from wriggling during grooming.
  • The generous 24” x 42” top/workspace can hold up to 250 pounds (hopefully you’re not grooming dogs that heavy!), and it’s finished with an exceptional epoxy coat that won’t rust, chip or corrode.
  • Stationary or mobile — you get to choose. If it makes the most sense to move the table from one space to another during the day, count on our heavy-duty twin-wheel swivel casters and solid brakes to make this an effortless task.

Now, here’s the last of our most common questions from groomers:

  1. Why should we choose your grooming cages? (What’s special about them?)

Cages can be just as important to a grooming business as the tubs and tables. After all, pets of all sizes will be waiting in these cages until their pet parents come to pick them up. And, you need to count on the cages to perform repeatedly every day, without any hassles, for heavy dogs, squirmy dogs… all types of dogs.

So here’s what we’ve done to make our dog grooming cages the best for you. (Our galvanized cages are pictured here.)

  • Not to be too repetitive, but we’ll say it again anyway: we start with the most durable material in the business, and finish the construction with hand-welded seams. This is one of the biggest features setting us apart from all other cage manufacturers. Hand welding adds strength and protection against warping, gapping, and loose or misaligned cage doors (which is a common problem based on what we’ve heard from groomers!). You just don’t need to worry about that with our cages. Direct Animal image: Our unique, hand welded dog grooming cage construction adds strength and protection against warping, gapping, and loose or misaligned doors.
  • In addition to the incredibly sturdy construction, we’ve added unique features that make your life easier. For instance… we’re the only company providing a removable waste collection tray for easy cleaning while not disturbing the pet. Groomers love this simple, sanitary solution.
  • Our cages are also safe: The one-handed closure and super duty slam latch are a godsend when your hands are busy with a just-groomed dog… and latches can be padlocked if needed.
  • Other features and options, depending on which cage style you choose, include an HDPE Raised Flooring to allow fluids to drain below the floor and keep pets dry at all times… and powder-coated colors (on our Double Stack Kennel) to add a cheery flair to your drying/waiting area.

Looking for advice on the best dog grooming equipment for your business? Contact us for a free consultation: call us at 877.459.7827 or email [email protected].

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