A Groomer’s Best Friend: Elevating/Lifting Pet Bathing Tub

Our Hydraulic Bathing tub is an ideal design for groomers looking for a lifting or elevating tub. A lot of groomers are owner operators which means at the end of the day, you are your business so your longevity is of the utmost importance. For this reason there has been a recent movement to educate groomers on ergonomics and proper body mechanics. Most pet bathing tub manufacturers today offer a bathing tub with a ramp or walk-up stairs to alleviate the back strain that comes with lifting dogs in and out of the bathing tub. Taking it a step further, we’ve designed a lifting bathing tub. The most important feature of our design is that it lowers to 8” off the ground, that’s lower than any other designs we’ve researched. It has a hand held remote for lowering and raising and a leash rail that allows you to attach a leash and move the dog around without hooking and unhooking in multiple locations. High back and side splashes will keep the water inside the tub and off of your surrounding walls. The tub is constructed of 16ga stainless, which is truly heavy duty. When comparing the gauge of stainless please note that the lower the gauge the heavier the stainless, i.e. 16 is heavier than 18. When you’re considering purchasing a bathing tub, it’s important to compare manufacturers not only by price but by product. Determine which factors are important and how often you use the piece of equipment each day. If a tub doesn’t lower enough, you may still have to perform some sort of lifting. I’ve compiled a list of great questions we’ve gotten over the years that may be helpful for you to ask as well:

1.) What is the tub made of? (determine pros and cons of materials that will be repeatedly wet and scratched with dog ‘s nails) Most hydraulic tubs will be stainless, so be sure you ask the gauge, the smaller the number the more heavy duty and durable)
2.)How is it constructed? Is it fully welded, silicone and pop riveted?
3.) Does it ship fully assembled?
4.) What is the warranty period and what is covered under the warranty?
5.) A good salesperson will not only know his products, but competitor’s products as well so ask “what makes your tub better than anyone else’s on the market?

If you’re considering a large purchase it’s always a good idea to try to get to a tradeshow where multiple vendors with hydraulic tubs will be showcasing their products. A demonstration of the tub and seeing the workmanship up close is really important.

No matter what we’re designing, we always consider the end user and how operating our equipment day to day will affect their longevity in this very physical industry.

Kennel Design

One of our smart clients lowers the tub, loads their larger dogs and when it’s time to go from the tub to the grooming table, they roll their grooming table over to the tub, lock the wheels and load the dog directly onto the grooming table.

We are experts in kennel design and manufacturing, committed to quality control and testing. We actively seek out and test the best materials that will promote durability and longevity with the added benefit of being the best looking dog kennels on the market. We understand after more than 25 years of manufacturing that the construction of our dog kennels is just as important as they type of materials we use. Whether you are a luxury boarding facility, animal shelter, rescue, control or a busy veterinarian we look forward to the opportunity to share our knowledge as a kennel manufacturer with you.

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