The Joy of Dog Grooming Tubs That Have a Foot-Tap Swivel Ramp

Of all the professional pet grooming equipment you invest in, whether you’re running a luxury doggie spa and you need durable dog grooming tubs for your clients… or you’re a shelter or animal control facility using utility dog bath tubs for pups that need a loving cleanup…

There’s nothing worse than having to bend down and lift up a heavy ramp so the dogs can get into the tub. When that clunky, heavy ramp is breaking your back, you might as well just lift the big dog instead (which can be back-breaking as well).

Both options are pretty hard to take, day after day. Plus those ramps are noisy and scary for dogs, making your job even harder.

We learned this by visiting pet groomers, shelters, and many other places that use dog wash tubs. We spoke with dozens – perhaps even hundreds of pet groomers, and we heard your frustration. We knew there must be a better way.

That’s why our Direct Animal engineers invented and patented the stainless steel dog grooming tubs with a foot-tap swivel ramp. All you do with our ramp is use your foot to spin it out where you need it. No bending, stooping, lifting or struggling. Dogs of all sizes go up the ramp with ease.

The ramp swings under the tub, giving you full access to the tub, and then it swings out when you need it. We have left or right-side ramps so getting a tub that works for your facility is easy. When you open the door after the bath, the ramp helps the dog go down with a non-slip surface for a safe exit. This alleviates the need for you to ever lift or lower a dog using your own body mechanics.

This invention has been pretty exciting to our customers; especially those who work with dogs of all sizes including Newfies and Great Danes.

So we solved the ramp issue, and then we turned to the dog bath tub. How could we make it better too?

Well, first of all, most other tubs on the market are about 24 inches wide from front to back, and groomers told us that’s not enough room to take a large dog and turn him around to wash all sides.

We made our dog bath tub 28-1/4 inches for extra room that lets you turn the dog around comfortably.

Plus we made it easier to hold the dog in place while you efficiently wash all sides. Our leash tie-down rail has d-rings on all sides of the tub, placed up and out of the way to secure the animal as needed.

Our patented dog grooming tubs with swivel ramp — in 48” and 60” tub options — are the most popular items in our professional pet grooming equipment lines. We thought you might enjoy knowing the story behind them.

Have you ever struggled with a clunky standard tub ramp? Tell us your pet peeve when washing dogs, so we can fix it for you. Leave a comment below. Thank you.

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