Best Questions to Ask a Dog Groomer

It takes a lot of trust to place the health and safety of your four-legged family members into someone else’s care, even for a short period. That includes a trip to the groomer for dog owners who don’t have the time or training to keep their pooch well-trimmed.

Dog groomers play an essential role in your pet’s life. Aside from keeping them looking stylish, they help keep nails short enough to avoid snags and breaks, trim the dog’s hair to keep it from matting, and their care facilitates the social grooming that helps our former pack animal companions feel cared for.

Asking a few straightforward questions before their first trip to a new groomer can help ensure that their groomer deserves your trust and that your pet is safe.

Can I See Where My Pet Will Be Cared For?

One of the most important questions you can ask is to see the groomers’ facilities, including where animals are groomed and housed while waiting their turn or waiting for their owners to arrive for pick up.

The grooming area should be clean, smell good, and have professional grooming equipment properly stored and ready for use. For example, a repurposed garden hose instead of an actual dog bathing hose can show that they aren’t serious about investing in the right tools for the job.

Any kennels or crates should be large enough for the dogs to be comfortable, and play areas should be equipped with dividers or partitions that can be used to keep small dogs and large breeds separate for safety.

What Experience and Training Do You Have with Dogs?

It takes more than just dog grooming equipment to be a professional groomer. You need training and experience not only in general grooming but, often, also in breed-specific handling guidelines and techniques. Ask about their entry into the grooming field.

  • Did they attend vocational training or learn on the job as an apprentice to an established groomer?
  • Do they hold certifications or have specializations that may make them the best-suited groomer for your pup?
  • Finally, how do they stay at the top of their field?

A groomer who partakes in continuing education keeps their skills sharp with the latest trends and techniques while also being aware of emerging risks to their canine clients.

What Services and Products Do You Recommend?

Many groomers go beyond a simple wash, clip, and nail trim to provide other wellness services or products. This can include specialty foods, toys, or nutritional supplements that may not be available at the big-box pet supply chains.

You can also ask how best to maintain your dog’s stylish look between grooming appointments and get some pointers for your at-home social grooming practices. Your groomer will develop a personal relationship with your pet, putting them in a great position to help you understand how to best care for your pup based on their needs.

What Happens If Something Goes Wrong?

While we never want to think about a pet-related emergency, as a responsible pet parent, you must. Ask ahead of time how they handle reactive or nervous animals that may share space with your dog. Find out if they have a vet on call in case of an injury.

Finally, ask if they carry liability insurance that protects the pets in their care and owners who visit the premises. These questions ensure your groomer has taken the time to consider and professionally address the risks for everyone’s safety.

Keep Your Pets Happy and Healthy

As a dog owner, you have an obligation to make sure your pet is safe. Professional dog groomers don’t just understand this passion–they share it. In an age where services are increasingly “touch-free,” pet care remains an extraordinarily personal and community-based industry.

Your groomer will respect your caution and curiosity about your pet’s care. They will show your dog compassion and love while they take care of the tasks that need to be done to keep them healthy. The right groomer will keep your pup calm and content while they get all pampered up.

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