2 Benefits of Adding Professional Pet Grooming-Boarding Supplies

Holiday season is coming up fast, which means your grooming or boarding business will be BUSY for the rest of the year!

So before it gets crazy with a flurry of furry customers, take time now to check your equipment and supplies so you can make the most of this peak season for your business.

Read on for a list of considerations that may 1) bring you more business this season, and 2) reward you with some nice tax breaks on professional pet grooming-boarding supplies.

Depending on the services you offer, the grooming and boarding calls may have already started coming in for Thanksgiving and beyond.

This is great, but it may also cause you to think, “Could I accommodate more customers somehow… to finish the business year with a bang?”

Right now may be the perfect time to look at your current inventory for customers: how many can you comfortably accommodate now? What if you could add another grooming station or set of kennel cages? What would that mean to your business?

As you ponder these questions, consider these two main factors that will influence your thinking:

  1. Is there room in my facility to accommodate more customers?

For instance, if you run a boarding facility — what if you could add one or more double-stack cages to your dog kennel? Suddenly you could double the capacity of a “found” corner in your kennel area. Or perhaps you could reconfigure your entire kennel floor plan to maximize the space with ready-to-install solutions that will last the lifetime of your business. It could make a huge difference this holiday season and in the long run.

Or, if you operate a grooming business — do you have the right equipment to handle more grooming customers? If you add a mobile grooming table to your location, you’ll have more flexibility for working with a wide variety of pets, in various setups. Maybe you can bring on a temporary additional groomer during the holidays and see how it goes. When you have an extra grooming table or station, it’s easy to expand your services as needed.

  1. Is the investment in adding or upgrading my equipment going to be worthwhile?

If you’re planning to be in business for a long time and you invest in high quality, heavy-gauge stainless steel equipment that will last decades… the answer is likely to be YES.

Especially when you consider that you could be eligible for a tax break under Section 179 of the IRS tax code. According to the IRS, “Section 179 of the IRS Tax Code allows a business to deduct, for the current tax year, the full purchase price of financed or leased equipment and off-the-shelf software that qualifies for the deduction.” This can make it very worthwhile to put new equipment into service this year.

You’ll want to consult with your tax consultant to see how Section 179 could benefit you.

You can see that this may be an excellent time to invest in professional pet grooming or boarding  kennel supplies — to bring in more business while taking advantage of tax breaks (if you’re eligible).

Questions about fitting new equipment into your facility ASAP, at least by the end of 2016? Give us a call for as free consultation: 877.459.7827 or email [email protected].

Other Questions? Comments? Please add a comment below. Thank you.

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