Why working pet owners need dog daycares

Does your dog suffer from boredom and loneliness? Of course, you can’t ask them what they’re feeling, but you can get a sense of their needs based on their behaviors. A bored, lonely dog will exhibit destructive behaviors, excessive barking, excessive licking, and similar issues. These are all indicators that your pup can benefit from dog daycare.

Even if your furry friend is well-behaved, it can be tough for them to sit at home all day while you’re working hard to bring home the bacon. You wouldn’t expect a child to entertain themselves all day without a problem, and dogs are similar. They need the socialization and other benefits that doggie daycare provides.

Here, you can take a closer look at some of the many benefits of sending your dog to “school” for the day. Bear in mind that you can start small. You could opt to take your dog to daycare for just two or three days per week to see how they adjust before deciding whether to commit to a five-day schedule.

Socialization With Other Dogs and Other Humans

One of the top benefits of dog daycare is the socialization it offers pups. As pack animals, dogs are highly social creatures. Just like human children, dogs of all ages need opportunities to connect socially with other dogs of varying sizes and personalities.

Doggie daycare facilities provide plenty of opportunities for your dog to enjoy “meet and greets” with new furry friends within a safe and supervised setting.

Through socialization, dogs learn communication skills and behavioral self-regulation. A socialized dog is one who is better behaved around other animals and less likely to cause an incident.

It isn’t just other dogs that your pup will socialize with at doggie daycare. They will be able to interact with a range of other humans. This may help your dog become more comfortable around other people.

As an added bonus, while your dog becomes socialized, you may have the opportunity to expand your own social circle a bit. You might consider setting up at-home playdates with another pup (and their human) whom your dog becomes particularly attached to.

More Exercise Equals Better Health

When you’re working long hours, it’s possible that your dog can stay amused with the toys lying around the house. But it’s also possible that your pup does a lot more sleeping than playing. Plus, they aren’t getting walks during the day.

Just like humans, dogs need plenty of physical activity to maintain a healthy weight and good overall health. By enrolling your pup in a doggie daycare, you’re giving them access to a spacious play area with lots of room to run around and other dogs to play with—much more stimulating than an empty house.

Mental Stimulation

Mental stimulation is important for your dog’s wellness, happiness, and behavior. A dog who receives plenty of mental stimulation throughout the day tends to be calmer and less prone to problematic behaviors, such as excessive barking and inappropriate chewing.

Mental stimulation is especially important for puppies to support their healthy development, but dogs of all ages benefit from it.

At doggie daycare, your dog can enjoy mental stimulation in a variety of ways. Communicating with other dogs, interacting with other humans, and experiencing new smells, sounds, and tactile stimuli are all examples.

A Good Way to Address Separation Anxiety

It’s hard for dogs to cope with separation anxiety when their humans are away at work all day—and it’s hard for people, too. If you have a dog with separation anxiety, you may notice them engaging in inappropriate chewing, howling, and whimpering when it’s time for you to leave—whether you’re going to work or just running out to buy a gallon of milk.

Doggie daycare may help alleviate separation anxiety in your dog. They’ll enjoy interacting with other dogs and humans, and you’ll love knowing that your pup isn’t lonely. Your dog may gradually get accustomed to being without you, which may make it easier for you to leave home even on days when you aren’t using daycare.

Provides Peace of Mind for You

Doggie daycare definitely benefits pups, but it also has a lot to offer you. If you’ve ever caught yourself worrying about your dog while you were working long hours (or been tempted to leave a message on your answering machine just so your dog could hear your voice), then you’ll love the peace of mind that daycare offers.

Not every daycare facility is the same, so research your options carefully to determine which would best suit your pup’s needs. For example, if your dog goes nuts whenever you take them to the lake, consider looking for a daycare with a kiddie pool. Some facilities even offer training classes.

Finely Crafted Dog Daycare Equipment

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