What to Bring to Doggy Daycare

With new smells, new people, and new dogs to adjust to, your dog may feel uneasy during their first few visits to doggy daycare. While doggy daycares aim to make your furry friend feel as happy and safe as possible, packing everything your dog needs can give you the peace of mind of knowing your pet is comfortable in your absence.

Most doggy daycare facilities provide supplies for your pup during their stay, but pet owners are still encouraged to bring some of their own items. Whether you’re bringing your dog to daycare for the first time or they’ve attended daycare in the past, here’s everything you need to pack for doggy daycare.


Switching out your dog’s food can lead to upset stomachs, diarrhea, allergies, and other side effects. Because of this, some facilities don’t even allow dog food during short stays. However, during longer stays at daycares that do regular feedings, they will often request that you bring in your dog’s preferred food.

If your daycare facility allows, provide enough food to last the duration of your dog’s stay to make your pooch feel more comfortable. For the best results, use small plastic bags with pre-measured meals labeled “breakfast,” ‘lunch,” and “dinner.” This will ensure that your dog gets enough food for each meal. If your dog has a special diet, be sure to let the doggy daycare know beforehand.

Medications and Supplements

Many dogs must take medications and/or supplements, and your doggy daycare should be able to administer these as needed. Make sure to include the number of doses that your dog will need, along with written instructions for administering the medication, such as the dosage amount and schedule.

In some cases, being in an unfamiliar environment can trigger existing ailments in dogs. In addition to regular medications, pack any emergency medications that may be necessary.

Required Paperwork

If you haven’t submitted all of the required paperwork, make sure to pack all required documents and forms. In most cases, doggy daycares require medical records, vaccination records, rule acknowledgment forms, and contracts before dropping your dog off for the first time. If you have any questions, make sure to contact your daycare facility.

Other Special Items

If your dog has a special food or water bowl, favorite treats, or a comfort toy, packing these items can help them stay happy and comfortable during their stay. Sure, most doggy daycares will have plenty of toys and treats, but packing one or two of your pup’s favorite toys can serve as a security blanket and help remind them of home. Just make sure these items are allowed.

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