Marketing Tips for Your Pet Daycare

The pet daycare business can be competitive. If you want your daycare to stand out amongst the rest and continuously attract new clients, try deploying some of these marketing tips and tactics.

Offer Promos

Coupons and special promotions are a great way to bring in and new customers and build even stronger relationships with existing customers.

Some promotion ideas include offering discounted services to first-time visitors or establishing an incentive program for loyal customers by letting them build-up to free stays or additional services.

Additionally, you might consider offering special package rates that allow people to get a discount in exchange for paying upfront.

Enhance Your Digital Marketing

While customers might be able to find you online or on Facebook when searching your name, presence alone isn’t enough to put you in front of new clients. Investing in a quality, mobile-friendly website and establishing a healthy following on social media will help you gain traction in the online world – and help you rank higher in Google searches.

Some key components of a healthy digital marketing plan include sharing valuable content on a regular basis, investing in social media advertisement campaigns, and developing landing pages that make it easy to find information and schedule services.  

Set Up a Referral System

Even with all of the marketing options available in today’s digital world, word of mouth is still the strongest. Especially in areas with fierce competition, people are likely to turn to their inner circle for suggestions. Of course, providing excellent service is the first step to referrals, but you might also up the ante by offering rewards for referrals, such as a special gift or free visit after three or more referrals.

Host an Event

Events provide an opportunity for existing and potential clients to come together, mingle, and get more aquatinted with you, your team, and your facilities.

You might offer a “dog social” where you allow dogs and their owners to hang out and play. Or, you could host an adoption event, hire a dog trainer to host a free workshop or invite a pop-up vet clinic to your facility for necessary treatment (like neutering and vaccinations) at discounted rates.

Invest in Swag

Giving away branded items is a great way to increase customer satisfaction and increase brand awareness. Plus, if your giveaways are good enough, some people may even want to try out your services just to get their hands on that functional harness or personalized ID tag. 

Partner with Other Pet Businesses

Partnering with other pet businesses in your area can help you leverage new promotional options and gives you access to their loyal customers. Some ideas for partnerships include:

  • Sponsoring adoption days at a local animal shelter and giving away free first-time visits to adopters
  • Teaming with a vet clinic to offer specialized post-procedure daycare
  • Swapping recommendations or service promotions with local dog walkers, groomers, or other businesses

Quality Equipment for Your Pet Daycare

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