Is it Safe to Bring to My Dog to Daycare During Covid-19 Pandemic?

Although staying at home is always the safest option, it’s still safe to bring your dog to daycare during the COVID-19 pandemic.

With many daycares offering touchless payment, curbside service, and enhanced sanitation procedures, doggy daycare provides a safe environment for your dog to play, exercise, and socialize with other dogs under the supervision of trained professionals. However, everyone’s situation is different, and it’s essential to weigh the pros and cons of bringing your dog to daycare to make the best decision for you and your furry friend.

Can dogs contract or spread COVID-19?

A small number of pets worldwide, including dogs and cats, have been diagnosed with the virus that causes COVID-19, with most cases occurring after close contact with humans with COVID-19. With that said, experts agree that your dog isn’t likely to contract COVID-19 or give it to you, and spending time at daycare is still the best choice for many dogs.

There’s also no evidence that COVID-19 can spread to people from the skin, fur, or hair of pets, according to the CDC. However, because your dog can carry germs that can make you sick, it’s always important to maintain healthy habits, such as handwashing, around your dog and other animals. You may also ask about your daycare’s cleaning policies, which should include cleaning of kennels and dog kennel panels between animals.

When it comes to keeping your dog clean, avoid disinfectants, alcohol, hydrogen peroxide, or other products, such as hand sanitizer or cleaning wipes. Instead, use products specifically designed for animal use.

If you’ve been diagnosed with COVID-19, restrict contact with pets and other animals as you would with other people. If you have any questions about keeping your dog healthy during the pandemic, be sure to consult your veterinarian.

Should your dog stay home or go to doggy daycare?

When left home alone, many dogs lack mental stimulation and opportunities to interact with other dogs. Like us, our dogs can feel stressed and anxious, and doggy daycare can give your furry friend a break from spending hours home alone.

In addition to relieving separation anxiety and boredom, daycare can give you the peace of mind of knowing your dog is safe and happy while you’re at work. At daycare, trained professionals supervise dogs around the clock to initiate play, monitor interactions, and create a safe environment.

If you choose to bring your dog to daycare, the CDC recommends following safety precautions by wearing a mask, social distancing, and washing hands regularly. Additionally, avoid bringing too many items, such as toys, to daycare. If you do, make sure to sanitize them with an EPA-approved cleaning solution after bringing your dog home.

Daycare can help keep your dog happy and healthy

Working from home—and spending more time at home—has been a major adjustment for many people and their dogs.

For dog owners returning to work, doggy daycare provides a safe environment for dogs to exercise, play, and interact with other dogs. Bringing your furry friend to daycare even just a few days a week can help them stay relaxed and stress-free.

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