What To Look For In A Doggie DayCare

Whether you’re choosing a doggie daycare to partner with for boarding your furry patients or are looking to start your own doggie daycare, there are several key things you should look for: correct-sized kennels, high sanitation standards, and comfort.

Here are some details on what you should expect from a quality doggie daycare:

The Proper Kennel Size

Boarding a dog involves much more than coaxing them into a cage and shutting the door. Dogs require kennels that are correctly sized for them. A kennel that is too big could cause them to defecate in all corners, whereas a cage too small can cause discomfort and is considered to be inhumane. Look for cages that have optional divider panels. This allows the daycare to quickly adjust the size of the kennel to match whatever sized dog comes through the door.


With so many dogs sharing a space, it can be easy for messes to occur (and for illnesses to spread). To combat this issue, it is important that strict cleaning procedures are in place and that staff are able to promptly address messes. Having kennels that are made of easy-to-clean stainless steel and are equipped with drain trenches, lifted floors, removable trays, and other accessories not only makes cleaning up a fast and easy job, but also prevents messes from getting worse and helps to separate poop, urine, and other messes from the animal.

Dog’s home away from home

Many dog owners treat their fur babies with the same level of care and concern as their human children. So, in the same way that they wouldn’t drop their child off at a cramped, over-crowded daycare, they won’t be likely to leave their pup in a dreary boarding facility. Installing luxury kennels will allow you to market higher-quality care, securing more clients, building loyalty, and increasing revenue.

There are many ways that you can improve the quality, ergonomics, and aesthetics of your doggie daycare. Schedule a free consultation with a Direct Animal expert today to see how we can match you with the perfect kennels that fit your space, vision, and budget.

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