Should You Tip Dog Groomers?

“Should I tip my dog groomer?” It’s a common question, but fortunately, it has a simple answer: “Yes!” Dog grooming is a deceptively difficult job. Pet owners, who may only see the end result, can appreciate how adorable their dog looks after a grooming appointment. However, many of them don’t understand exactly what goes into each visit. Here’s a closer look:

Tipping dog groomers: why you should do it

Professional dog groomers do more than just bathe your pup. Even just getting them into the bath can be quite a chore – have you ever tried to convince stubborn Newfoundland pups to voluntarily enter dog grooming tubs? In addition to bathing, groomers also dry, comb, and clip the dog’s hair, working around very sensitive areas like the face, ears, and feet. They trim the nails and express anal glands. Groomers also give each dog a once-over, checking for health issues, and cleaning out “eye gunk” and earwax. It’s a big job!

Furthermore, while they’re working on a dog, groomers must frequently deal with behavioral issues. Even the most well-behaved pups may start biting or scratching a groomer, particularly if the dog doesn’t want his nails done. Sometimes, groomers get peed on by their clients.

Professional groomers are willing to put up with all of this because they love animals and want to give them the best possible care. Remember that grooming is about more than making your dog look adorable; it’s about preserving their health. So yes, you should most definitely tip your dog groomer.

How much should you tip dog groomers?

Now that you understand why dog groomers deserve to be tipped, an even trickier question is, “How much should you tip dog groomers?” There is no set-in-stone answer, although most etiquette experts will probably suggest that you tip about 20%. However, there are some individual factors to consider.

For example, if your dog groomer does a particularly outstanding job or you request a tricky haircut, it’s a good idea to tip a little more than usual. And if your dog has behavioral issues and gave the groomer a hard time, you should definitely offer a generous tip.

You may also want to increase the tip if the groomer notices a potential health issue that otherwise would have gone unchecked. After all—your dog is worth it.

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