What do dog daycares use to clean animal cages with?

If you’re new to the business or thinking about opening a dog daycare or any other type of pet business, like a shelter or grooming facility, you may be wondering what you should use to clean your kennels. Sanitation is a must for running a safe and reputable pet boarding facility—and maintaining those high standards requires a proactive regime that uses the right cleaners and the right tools.

Choosing a cleaner

Finding the right cleaner is the biggest part of ensuring a safe doggy daycare facility. Ideally, you want something easy to work with, is safe for your guests and staff and leaves your place feeling sparkling and odor-free. 

Here are the four main criteria to consider when searching for the perfect cleaner for your daycare:

  • Quality: Obviously, you want to get a cleaner that can tackle the heavy-duty needs of cleaning up after dogs and puppies. Make sure the cleaner is tough against bacteria, works well against ammonia, and is capable of capturing and eliminating strong smells. You should also read reviews to see what other boarding facilities have to say about it.
  • Safety: While you want a cleaner that works, you don’t want one that’s too harsh on the animals. Some cleaners can leave behind residues that can irritate dogs’ skin, create breathing issues, or even cause burns. This is especially true if you’re using plastic kennels, which can absorb the chemicals and smells.
  • Affordability: While you certainly want the best of the best for your furry clients, it’s also important that you aren’t cleaning away your profits (literally) with an overpriced product. Check for bulk discounts or see if there is a less popular or generic version of your favorite.
  • Gentleness on the cages: Most people don’t think about how cleansers will affect their kennels in the long run. However, as noted above, some can cause damage to plastic kennels, leading to stains, smells, scratches, and even breaking down the line. The best way to avoid this is to choose a cage for animals made out of stainless steel that is durable and easy to clean without the worry of long-term damage.

Other cleaning tools

After you find your perfect cleaning solvent, be sure to read the directions carefully. Most cleaners will require a good rinse after use. To keep things easy, it’s best to invest in long hoses to reach the cages and a professional drain trench. This is another reason to consider investing in easy-to-clean stainless steel cages that won’t soak up smells, stains, or harsh cleaners. Other tools to consider are durable scrub brushes, towels, a mop, and gloves.

Direct Animal Kennels

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