Luxury dog kennel equipment is the key to a standout boarding facility

Pet owner spending is staggering. The American Pet Products Association reported that pet spending is higher than ever, with a forecast of $58.5 Billion in spending for 2014. The report stated, “Pet services showed the largest percentage of growth last year, rising 6.1 percent from 2012, putting spending in that category at $4.41 billion. With grooming, training, boarding and other services on the rise, it’s estimated for highest category growth again over the next year at $4.73 billion in spending.”

Wow, that’s a lot of boarding and daycare clients! Just think — how many of those dollars will head your way.

Last year we helped 536 customers open beautiful new luxury dog boarding and daycare facilities using our stainless steel cages, kennels, grooming bath tubs and other equipment that offer exceptional durability, sanitation and great looks.

While there’s room for everyone to succeed…

we want to show you 5 ways an investment in luxury dog-kennel and grooming equipment will help you STAND OUT as the best boarding facility in town (bringing in loads of business!).

Your potential clients want the best for their pets when it comes to a clean, safe and attractive boarding environment. The trouble is, many boarding facilities won’t take clients “behind the curtain” to see the facilities. They greet clients out front and then whisk the dogs away to “the back area” clients never see.

What are they hiding? It makes clients feel uneasy.

THE GOOD NEWS IS — you can stand out by offering unique and attractive boarding solutions you’re PROUD to display to your clients.

You can set yourself apart in a great way by being willing to take customers on a tour of your facility and show where their beloved pets will be playing, eating, sleeping and being groomed — all in a clean, modern, safe and beautiful environment.

Let’s look at 5 ways exceptional dog kennel designs and grooming equipment can help your business thrive.

  • First, by installing exceptional, stylish equipment and showing it off, you’re demonstrating that you care about every single detail, not just the stuff people can see out front. This impresses clients. Direct Animal image: Last year we helped 536 customers open beautiful new luxury dog boarding and daycare facilities using our stainless steel cages, kennels, grooming bath tubs and other equipment <img decoding=
  • Next, when your facility includes long lasting, attractive, modular showpieces — it makes a statement that you’re committed to serving clients for a long time with the best services possible. Again, this business model is impressive.
  • Third, a standout facility gets noticed and talked about. To quote Bill Quesing, a leading teacher on delivering the world’s best customer service: “Nobody raves about average.” People only rave about outstanding experiences — the kind you can deliver with top-quality boarding equipment.
  • Fourth, when you’re planning to create a luxury, upscale boarding facility, you can’t afford to cut corners with equipment that will sag, warp, trap urine, lose their finish and cause safety issues. Clients will notice. Instead, enjoy the lasting benefits of installing heavy-duty stainless steel dog kennel equipment that’s hand-welded and hand-polished to stand up day after day, year after year.
  • Finally, lower quality equipment will have to be replaced often and it’s a major hassle to be “under renovation” at your facility. Wouldn’t you rather be “open for business” at all times with luxury boarding equipment you can count on to serve clients when they need you?

The team here at Direct Animal products invites you to discuss your vision of a standout facility and show you how we can make it a reality with luxury board and grooming equipment.

Call us at 877.459.7827 or email [email protected].

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