Is Doggy DayCare A Good Idea?

The pet industry is booming. More than 85 million households now have at least one pet in their family. Furthermore, millennials and Gen Zs are cornering the market, accounting for 62 percent of the pet-loving population across the United States. This is a recipe for increased demand in the pet care industry that is only expected to grow. Starting a doggy daycare or adding the service to your current business is a brilliant way to better serve your customers, increase revenue, and spend your days surrounded by cute, furry pups.

Dogs are the new kids

While the increase in dog ownership has created an obvious spike in revenue for pet businesses, younger dog owners are also, on average, spending more money per dog. They are opting for luxury and high-end products, services, and treatments. Many attribute this to the fact that many younger adults are waiting longer to get married or have kids (or are forgoing it altogether) and are instead putting their parental urges into their dogs.

Dog owners are busy

Puppies are cute, but they’re also a lot of work—and the younger generations don’t have the time for it. In the past, caring for dogs was a family task, meaning that it made it easier to split the responsibility and ensure Rover got fed and let out to pee. However, the new generation of dog owners are generally single, young professionals who spend a lot more time in the office and are also more likely to meet up with friends and co-workers at the local brewery for after-work drinks. This creates a huge demand for luxury doggy daycares that they can trust to keep their pup safe, comfortable, and happy.

Customers want convenience

If you already run a pet care business, such as a grooming facility or veterinary office, you may want to consider expanding your services into luxury boarding. Young professionals have a lot on their plates, so finding a business they know and trust that can serve all of their puppy care needs would make them more likely to choose your services over other competitors. This can also allow you to offer package deals, upsell on other products, and create a herd of loyal, consistent customers.

If you are thinking about entering the doggy daycare industry, contact an expert from Direct Animal today. We design quality, long-lasting products that are tailored to the needs of business owners in the pet care industry and can help you determine what set-up you will need to get started.

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