How Long Does Kennel Cough Last?

Canine Infectious Respiratory Disease Complex, or kennel cough, is an upper respiratory infection that can be caused by both a virus and bacteria. The infection affects a dog’s windpipe, voice box, and lungs, generally causing symptoms for 7 to 21 days in otherwise healthy dogs and up to 6 weeks for young puppies, senior dogs, or dogs with compromised immune systems.

Common kennel cough signs and symptoms

Kennel cough is not fatal, but it does lead to symptoms that can cause serious discomfort to dogs and create challenges for those responsible for their care. The most common kennel cough symptom is a persistent, dry, hacking cough. Some dogs experience coughing fits every few minutes, while others cough constantly throughout the day.

Kennel cough can also lead to fever, lethargy, and discharge. These symptoms are a sign of a severe infection, as fevers, lack of appetite, poor interest in activities, nasal discharge and watery eyes are all signs that the body is working hard to fight off an infection.

Preventing Kennel cough

As kennel cough is transmitted through close contact with other animals, the most effective ways to prevent an outbreak are rigorous disinfection, air purification and ventilation, and proper animal housing.

Take care to disinfect thoroughly and regularly. Sterilize bowls, tables, toys, kennels, and other equipment with surface disinfectants.  Make sure there is an effective air purification system in place, as kennel cough bacteria can linger on airborne dander and dust particles.

You can also help prevent infection by investing in carefully designed kennels with adequate ventilation. Side and cross ventilation panels help circulate clean, fresh air while clearing out airborne kennel cough infection. Kennels made from bacteria-resistant stainless steel help curb the spread of infection and make cleaning and sanitization simple.

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