Must-Have Animal Care Products for 2020

The pet health and wellness industry is reaching new heights in 2020. Stock your pet spa, animal shelter, daycare, or grooming facility with the latest pet care products to improve the health, wellness, and happiness of each furry client that walks through your door.

Allergy Immune Supplements

Like humans, some dogs dread seasonal changes and the itchy, scratching allergies that come with it. Help your clients get relief with allergy immune supplements for dogs. These lamb-flavored chewables from Zesty Paw are packed with prebiotics, probiotics, fish oils, and antioxidants, and will leave your furry clients looking and feeling smooth, shiny, and itch-free well after the grooming.

Anti-Allergen Pet Shampoo

Keep the dander at bay, especially for owners who have allergies or sensitivities to their beloved pet’s fur. This anti-allergen pet shampoo is excellent for dogs, cats, and other animals, so you don’t have to stock multiple brands for different pets. In addition to removing animal dander and neutralizing allergens, the non-toxic shampoo also destroys odors, conditions the pet’s skin and fur, and protects against flea and ticks.


As humans, we know that protecting our skin from the sun is essential to prevent skin diseases and cancer (or just a painful burn), so why not extend that protection to our beloved pets?  You can spritz some SPF on your dogs with the My Dog Nose It! Coat and Body SPF Spray. This dog sunscreen is free of parabens and alcohol and protects against UVA and UVB rays.

Paw Wax

Our dog’s paws take on a lot of harsh elements—from hot cement and sandy beaches to icy-cold winters. Musher’s Secret Paw Protection has been a longtime favorite to heal and protect pets’ paws. Plus, it isn’t just for dogs. Cats, horses, chickens, and other animals can benefit from this high-quality, 100% safe, beeswax-based balm.

Clay Fur Mask

Take your puppy spa up a level by offering luxurious clay fur masks to your grooming services. The natural Kaolin Clay Fur Mask from Dug and Bitch promises to give a deep clean by detoxifying and hydrating the fur and skin and boosting overall circulation and skin regeneration. Owners can also relax knowing the Rose Clay mask is ethically-sourced from the Charentes Basin in France.

Natural Flea & Tick Control

Consumers are becoming increasingly aware of the chemicals in our food, cleaners, and skincare products. They’re also paying attention to what they’re putting into and onto their pets. Wondercide is closing the gap on this issue by offering a safe, chemical-free solution for managing fleas and ticks in the home and garden.

CBD “Treatibles”

Medical cannabis isn’t just for the two-legged anymore. Dogs, cats, and other animals can also benefit from CBD treatments. Canine cannabis has been shown to help pets with skin conditions, digestive problems, anxiety and behavioral problems, and a variety of other health and mental issues. You can find all sorts of CBD products from chews and capsules to oil and topical treatments at the online shop, Treatibles.

Quality Equipment for Your Pet Business

Direct Animal builds quality, long-lasting animal cages and equipment for groomers, animal daycares, and animal shelters. Shop our cat condos, commercial dog kennels, and our specialized dog kennel flooring to see how we can improve the way you work.

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