Three Ways Animal Equipment Manufacturers Can Help You Boost Pet Adoptions

Saturday, April 30, 2016 is National Adopt a Shelter Pet Day, and if you run a shelter or animal control facility, we know you’re working hard to draw attention to all the adoptable pets in your facility.

Perhaps you’re sending out press releases, emailing everyone on your list, posting signs around the neighborhood and making a big splash on your website and Facebook page (all very helpful!). But in addition, you can make adjustments in your facility to increase the chances of pets being adopted on that special day… and every day.

As your Direct Animal equipment manufacturers, we’re pleased to offer three tips for making pets more irresistible in your shelter, so more of them can go to their furrever homes year round!

  1. Let potential pet parents see dogs in their “Sunday best.” If possible, make sure dogs are bathed and even groomed if you can swing it. If you don’t have your own grooming tubs and other equipment, you may consider adding this service to your facility. Or, perhaps a local groomer will provide low-cost or donated grooming for this event. For inspiration, check out this website and this website, both showing how rescue pet makeovers can make all the difference in adoptability. Also consider these ideas:
  • Try to take cheerful photos of the pets. Quite often, pet photos are taken quickly and can sometimes be very lonely, sad or dreary looking, not doing the pets justice. Try to capture a playful (with a toy) or loving (hugging) image whenever possible, to post on your website and even the pets’ cages.
  • Put bright and cheery bandanas on black dogs, because as we know — black dogs are often overlooked. Direct Animal image: Here are three tips from our animal equipment manufacturers for making pets more irresistible in your shelter, so more of them can go to their furrever homes year round!
  1. Showcase your cats in happy circumstances. We know you’re working around the clock to manage cat care the way best possible. But perhaps you can take a fresh look at the way cats appear when potential parents come in. If cats look comfortable, content and well cared for in a nice environment, they may have a better chance at being adopted. Maybe you can perk up their surroundings by investing in the best cat condos for shelters, condos that last and last while giving cats places to perch, sleep and eat. We offer colorful cat condo options that will breathe new life into any shelter setting.
  1. Consider a brighter, happier dog kennel setting. Sometimes this is as easy as painting the kennel walls a fresh, cheery color. Maybe it’s time for a complete “refresh” of the kennel runs themselves. Our Starlite® kennel panels can create an instant makeover that bring color and cheer into the space. And, if you’re not ready to replace the entire kennel run, you could replacing old kennel doors with clear or patterned tempered glass doors with solid stainless steel frames. These doors let in the light, reduce noise and make it easy for families to see the dogs.

For more ideas on increasing pet adoptions, check out this free online Action Kit from Best Friends.

As your dedicated animal equipment manufacturers, we wish you the best 2016 National Adopt a Shelter Pet Day… but also we’d love to help you increase adoptions all year round. Contact us if you’d like a free consultation on this subject: call us at 877.459.7827 or email [email protected].

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