How Big Should a Dog Kennel Be?


Choosing the right dog kennel size.

The size of your dog kennel should be chosen based on the size of your dog and whether the kennel is for indoor or outdoor use.  A Great Dane needs a much bigger kennel than a Pomeranian, but a Pomeranian would not be comfortable in a kennel that’s sized for a Great Dane. Dog kennels also vary in size depending on if they’re built for indoor or outdoor use.

Outdoor Kennel Sizing


Outdoor kennels, sometimes called dog runs, should have enough space for the dog to run around and play as well as sides that are tall enough to keep the dog from jumping out and other animals from jumping in. The accepted estimates for sizing are 10 feet by 10 feet or 5 feet by 15 feet. Outdoor kennels shouldn’t be narrower than 5 feet, even if they’re made for small dogs.


Indoor Kennel Sizing


Indoor dog kennels, sometimes called crates, don’t need to be as big as outdoor kennels since they are intended for use as a place of rest. The dog should be able to sit up fully without hitting the top, turn around fully and easily, as well as stretch out completely.

Buying kennels that are too large reduces their effectiveness as training tools. For example, if a dog is being house-trained and has too much room in his crate, he could use one corner of the kennel as a bathroom and sit in the other corner, detracting from his training. Also, too large or too small kennels can make dogs feel less secure and comfortable, leading to anxiety and behavioral issues.


Find the Perfect Kennel at Direct Animal


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