The best professional pet grooming equipment starts with LISTENING

When it comes to designing dog grooming tubs, grooming tables, kennels, cages and other equipment to help your business stand out from the rest, we follow the philosophy of customer service leader Bill Quiseng who said, “Nobody raves about average.”

Our philosophy is simply this: we’re driven to design OUTSTANDING professional pet grooming and boarding equipment for you. We do that by LISTENING to professionals who run pet grooming, dog daycare, boarding and shelter facilities… and then creating unique and highly useful features that make life easier. Our designers and engineers focus on the details that save you time, save your back and provide lasting excellence.

Consider how our unique approach can help your business stand out and thrive.

The team here at Direct Animal Products is intensively focused on solving your needs. We’re always quizzing our customers and our sales team to ask, “What do pet professionals need? What would make their work and life easier? What design features can we invent to streamline tasks, provide ergonomic relief and set our customers’ businesses apart?” Based on these questions…

  • We have a daily production meeting where our lead engineer, our V.P. of Manufacturing, the President of the company, our Production Manager and our Marketing Director listen to our sales professionals to make sure everyone on our staff understands what our customers want.
  • We’ll hear customer concerns such as, “I wish there was a more back-friendly way to lift big dogs into the grooming tub…” or “more restraint points while bathing” and lately “I wish there was a way to reduce stress on frightened dogs that come to board with us.”
  • We’ll then go through a specific process to make sure the end product is going to be delightfully functional and safe for you and the animals in your care. It’s time consuming, but it helps us maintain a laser focus on efficiency and customer satisfaction. Direct Animal image: We designed our dog grooming tubs with patented swivel ramp to solve the problem of lifting heavy dogs into a bath
  • And of course, all our professional pet grooming and boarding equipment is made from the heaviest gauge industrial stainless steel, hand-welded to eliminate gaps, sagging and warping while minimizing noise. And, because we manufacture all our equipment, we welcome your custom order to fit your exact specifications.

We believe we go further than any other pet-care equipment company to support your investment with designs that last and last while making you happy. That’s why — when our customers grow and end up opening multiple locations — they come back to Direct Animal for additional equipment.

If you’re ready to discuss your needs, call us at 877.459.7827 or email [email protected].

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