Benefits of Using a Dog Daycare

Some dog owners may feel bad at the idea of boarding their pet for a day, but if you’ve taken a tour of a dog daycare facility lately, you’ll realize your pooch may have more fun there than just staring out your living room window. Sending your furry friend to a dog daycare can have a variety of benefits and could quickly become the highlight of their week.

Here is a list of reasons why you (and your dog) might start begging for daycare time.

Socialize with other dogs

Dogs need to act appropriately around humans, but it’s also vital for them to remain calm and playful with other dogs. Regular visits to a dog daycare help your canine make other furry friends and prevents them from becoming anxious or aggressive when encountering another dog.

Get in extra exercise

Daycare isn’t about locking your pup in a cage. On the contrary, most dog daycare facilities have a range of activities, separate dogs by size or play style, and may even have humans facilitating playtime and teaching tricks. After a day at daycare, your pooch will probably be pretty tired.

It’s fun

Dogs need stimulation. Simply sitting at home all day can lead to boredom, depression, or behavioral issues (like chewing up shoes or barking at every dog, person, squirrel, or leaf that rolls by the window). Good doggy daycares will have lots of space and various things, people, and other dogs to play with.

It’s safer

Dogs can get into a lot of trouble alone and may even hurt themselves. Dog daycares are always staffed, which means someone is always keeping an eye on your dog. Some even set up cameras so you can check-in, too!

Alleviates anxiety and loneliness

Dogs are pack animals and don’t like to be alone. Too much time in solitude can cause anxiety issues, loneliness, and depression. Dog daycares provide them with constant company that will make them feel comfortable and at ease.

They’re never alone

Dogs belonging to busy owners spend a lot of idle time alone. Dog walkers can break up the solitude with temporary interaction and exercise, but a dog daycare can provide your dog with 24/7 love and affection.

It’s more affordable

Organizing dog sitters and dog walkers can be costly and stressful. Dog daycares, on the other hand, provide a comfortable, trustworthy place that is always available to give your dog 24/7 love and affection for a reasonable rate. Watch for promotions or loyalty programs to maximize your savings even more.

You can maximize time

Many daycares offer more than just boarding facilities. You might be able to get a grooming visit, training session, or even a vet visit in during or before your dog’s daycare. Shop around your local dog daycares to learn more about the other services they offer.

Quality Equipment for Dog Daycares

At Direct Animal, we know that having a durable, ergonomic cage for animals and other equipment is vital for dog daycare facilities, which is why we design and manufacture high-quality and long-lasting animal cages, dog room dividers, pet relief stations, and more.

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