Introducing the first ADA compliant dog grooming tubs

The engineers and designers here at Direct Animal Products are always eager to create solutions for anyone involved with dog grooming, dog-wash stations, dog daycare, boarding facilities, shelters and other types of dog-care facilities.

Many of our inventions have come directly from professionals who work with dogs every day, as well as architects, contractors and others who develop spaces and structures for animal care. The latest request came from an architect who asked us to design a dog wash station that was compliant with the ADA (American Disabilities Act).

The result is the first ADA compliant dog grooming tubs that we know of — with special features that make it easy for anyone to access their dogs as well as the tub fixtures.

A couple of months ago, an architect asked us to build a dog bath tub, and to make it ADA complaint. The architect had searched for existing tubs that would serve the purpose, but nobody else had a tub that accommodated wheelchair-bound users.

They discovered that we have invented all kinds of ergonomic and safe dog grooming tubs, so they knew we could help them. Working together, we proceeded to modify our patented swivel ramp dog grooming tub with unique design elements that meet the ADA specifications provided to us by the architect. Here are the five main aspects that make our tub ADA compliant: 800-ada-web

  • A swivel ramp to eliminate lifting a dog into the tub: Tub has swing-out ramp system of our patented swivel ramp design with the same opening. Dogs can walk on in – no lifting.
  • Easy opening so dogs can walk right in: Our tub door slides open to accommodate dogs of all sizes.
  • Lower depth for easy reach from a wheelchair: Standard tubs have a 36″ depth, which is fine if you’re standing up, but not fine if you’re seated in a wheelchair. We made our tub shallower and with a lower height so someone in a wheelchair can easily reach over and wash the dog from head to toe.
  • Accessible fixtures: We lowered the faucets and sprayer so they’re accessible; anyone in a wheelchair can reach them.
  • Additional restraint hooks: Most dog grooming tubs include restraint hooks you can use to secure a wiggly dog during a bath, but the hooks are usually in the back of the tub. We added restraints on side as well as the back to accommodate people who can’t easily reach the back hooks.

This ADA compliant dog grooming tub is now available for anyone managing a commercial or residential building that accommodates all users.

For more information, call us at 877.459.7827 or email [email protected].

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