What Size Kennel for a Lab?

When fully grown, Labrador retrievers are large dogs that need a generously proportioned kennel. One way to determine the appropriate size of kennel for your Lab is to consider the dog’s weight. The average adult female Labrador retriever usually weighs between 55 and 71 pounds. This size of dog needs a large crate at least 36 inches long, 23 to 24 inches wide, and 25 to 27 inches high.

An adult male Labrador retriever usually weighs between 64 and 79 pounds. A dog of this weight class needs an extra-large kennel that is about 42 inches long, 28 inches wide, and 30 to 31 inches high.

Choosing the right size of kennel for a Lab puppy

A Lab puppy won’t require a kennel of these dimensions. You can use a smaller crate to safely house a puppy. For instance, when the dog is between 35 and 40 pounds, a kennel about 24 to 30 inches long is ideal. Some Lab caretakers think that because the puppy will grow and require a larger kennel, it’s acceptable to start out with a larger kennel earlier in life. Actually, putting a young puppy into a kennel that is too large for him or her may make the animal feel unsafe.

Direct Animal offers multiple sizes and types of kennels for your convenience

It can be tricky to figure out the needs of the different dogs under your care. Fortunately, Direct Animal makes it easy and affordable to customize your professional kennel configurations. If you operate a doggy daycare facility, luxury boarding company, or other veterinary-related business, you can turn to the experts at Direct Animal to provide guidance on selecting appropriately sized kennels.

Our durable, competitively priced products are designed to protect the health and safety of animals, while allowing for convenience and ease of cleaning for the workers. Made from durable stainless steel and Starlite, our raised kennels, double-stack kennels, and extreme kennels are built to last for the life of your practice. Call us today to request more information about your ideal kennel configurations.

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