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Not only will our cat condo runs last for years, they’ll continue to look brand new with minimal maintenance.

As featured in Pet Boarding & Daycare Magazine, we offer the best cat condo runs for all your boarding needs — from fully-custom luxury settings to simple, stylish shelters.

Unlike traditional cat condos, Direct Animal cat runs offer a truly luxurious feline boarding experience with plenty of room to lounge in a space that incorporates complex cat furniture. Made of stainless steel with a grill top, our cat runs are built to last and will look brand new even after years of use. Size is never a concern! They’re made to your exact specifications and include these special features:

  • Type 304 stainless steel tubing frame means lasting durability
  • No bottom rail to trip over or trap urine, fur or kitty litter. These cat runs pass the clean-ability test!
  • ¼” tempered clear or frosted glass, allows you to easily view your client and lets in natural light
  • Doors can be retrofitted for existing block walls or side panels — in stainless, patterned glass or colorful Starlite material (choose from over 100 colors!)
  • Doors swing in and out, allowing your staff to enter the run while keeping would-be escape artists inside (no darting out of an opening door)
  • Your condo cat perch options are only limited by your imagination
  • Optional swivel bowl feeder allows you to replenish food and water without opening the run door

Let us help you design the best cat condo runs for your facility.

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