Anatomy of a groomer’s ideal dog wash tub: Direct Model 800 Dog Bath Tub

Anatomy of a groomer’s ideal dog wash tub.

We’ve seen how groomers work with big dogs, squirmy dogs, scared dogs, nippy dogs and all kinds of other dogs on a daily basis. That’s why we came up with a dog bath tub that will make your life easier.

A while back, our engineers were discussing ways to design the world’s best dog grooming tub.

We thought, “How can we reduce the strain on your back?” “How can we help you avoid lifting dogs altogether?” “What’s the best way to keep dogs stable and comfortable during baths?” “How do we build something that lasts and lasts, while keeping your walls dry?” And, “How can we help you work safely with all dogs, even the biggest breeds?”

By answering these questions together, we identified the materials and features for your ultimate tub.

The result is in the photo below — the anatomy of our Model 800-00 tub… a groomer’s ideal dog wash tub.

As you can see in the red boxes, our designers have created 5 unique physical attributes that make our Model 800-00 dog bath tub great.

It’s hard to compare our ideal dog grooming tub with other tubs… because we offer patented designs and extras you won’t find elsewhere.

Our Door Grooming Tub

  • Let’s start with the feet. Pet feet, to be exact. All our tubs include our free elevated grate system to keep pet feet out of standing water, easing their discomfort during their baths.
  • Next, we looked at body size: big dogs, little dogs, and everything in between. We made our tub the deepest on the market, making it easy for you and your team to efficiently bathe all dogs, including the largest breeds. Plus, leash rails and D-rings provide secure, adjustable restraint for everyone’s safety.
  • Then we thought about your back. Groomers told us that sore backs are their biggest complaint! But you don’t have to suffer anymore. Our elevating grates lift smaller dogs to a comfortable working height to save your back. Our patented walk-up swivel ramp system, along with our hydraulics and doors, also help you avoid bending and lifting dogs. In short, with the Model 800-00 dog grooming tub, we’ve got your back.
  • Of course, the backbone of your facility — your walls — are very important. Because we want to protect your walls for the life our out tubs, we include a super high 64-1/2 inch backsplash, more generous than most.
  • Finally, what about weight? Does weight really matter in dog grooming tubs? You bet it does. You want a heavy-gauge stainless steel tub that will never warp or come apart at the seams. That’s why our tubs are constructed in one piece with 16-gauge stainless steel, the heaviest in the industry! Plus, all seams are fully welded, so they never separate or leak.

We hope this anatomy lesson will help you choose the best dog grooming tub for your facility.

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