The classic stainless dog wash tub with an important extra

Direct Animal stainless steel dog wash tubs are the only available with a patented hands-free, swivel ramp. (U.S. PATENT # 6,516,752)

Our engineers are always on a mission to make life easier for dog groomers. That’s why we head out into the field from time to time, so we can talk with groomers all over the country. Inevitably during our travels, we often hear about the back breaking struggle of lifting wiggly, wet dogs all day long.

That’s why we created something no other dog grooming tubs offer in a classic stainless steel tub: a way to eliminate the need to lift pups in and out of the dog bath tub.

The solution has always been to purchase a tub with a ramp, however grooming tubs with ramps still require you to stoop, then push and pull the ramp out. Those ramps can weigh up to 35 pounds. The whole point of a ramp is to save your back so we designed and patented the only bathing tub ramp that is totally hands-free. You use your foot to swing the ramp out, and your foot pushes it back underneath the tub, completely out of your way.

Picture this. A sweet yet very large and heavy Bernese Mountain Dog named Jeremy is on your grooming schedule for the day. You used to dread grooming Jeremy because he weighs 107 pounds.

But today, you’re excited to see him because you don’t have to lift him into the dog wash tub. Nope. Never again.

Instead, all you do is use your foot to swivel out the dog ramp, and Jeremy steps up into the tub’s wide opening. When the bath is finished, he walks back down the ramp’s nonslip surface with ease.

This back-saving ramp is available with our classic stainless steel tub, the best in its class of professional grooming tubs.

  • We offer the widest opening available, to accommodate dogs of all sizes
  • The whole tub is made of 304 stainless steel, fully welded and hand-polished. Even the under-frame is stainless steel for lasting strength.
  • It’s high walls keep all the water contained inside the tub
  • The ramp features non-marking casters that don’t mark up your floor
  • Plus it comes with a welded-in leash rail for restraining even those high energy dogs

Dog groomers tell us they LOVE this tub for all these reasons. When you compare this tub with others available, you’ll realize this is no basic tub. And that’s by design.

Tell us about your dog grooming tub “pet peeve.” Perhaps we can solve it! Thank you.

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