What to Expect From a Professional Grooming Appointment

If you’ve never brought your dog to a professional groomer before, you’re in for a treat when you pick him up. No matter how he came in, he should exit looking neat and clean and smelling good.

When making that initial appointment, ask the groomer some questions. You’ll want to know if the dog is going to be crated and for how long, and about the grooming tools used on your pet. One benefit of a professional grooming is that the proper tools are available to address specific grooming needs.

Let the groomer know beforehand if your dog has any medical issues. If your senior dog experiences mobility problems, the groomer can allow the animal to have rest time rather than stand for the entire session.

Since grooming sessions vary between 1.5 and 4 hours, the owner does not usually wait while the animal is bathed and groomed.

Proof of Vaccinations

Before making a grooming appointment, make sure your dog is current on all of his vaccinations. While a rabies vaccine is virtually always required, ask the grooming salon what other vaccines are necessary for their establishment. For your dog’s own safety, have him vaccinated for canine influenza or Bordetella (kennel cough), as the risk of contracting these illnesses rises wherever dogs congregate.

Keep your dog up to date on his flea and tick prevention program. Some groomers may require proof of flea and tick control, as they want to reduce chances of an infestation on the premises. If your dog does have fleas or ticks, the groomer will remove them.

What Services are Included?

Although the services you can expect from a professional grooming appointment may vary according to the provider and your pet, here is what is generally included:

  • Basic health assessment
  • Bathing
  • Drying
  • Brush and comb out
  • Nail trim
  • Ear cleaning

Many groomers also offer teeth cleaning, but that is not necessarily part of the standard grooming package. Some dogs will need their coats shaved. Groomers will usually check your dog’s anal glands and express them if it appears there is a build-up of secretions.

How Often Is Professional Grooming Required?

The frequency of grooming visits depends on various factors, particularly the breed or hair type of the dog. Poodle and poodle crosses – those popular “oodles” – may need professional grooming on a monthly or bi-monthly basis. Other dogs, such as Labrador or golden retrievers, benefit from a good bath and brushing to keep shedding hairs at bay. Some dog owners are comfortable bathing their own dogs, while others find it easier to have a groomer handle a reluctant animal.

When it comes to your pet’s coat, groomers know the specific breed requirements for the show ring. Even if you don’t compete your dog, you may want him groomed according to his breed standard.   

Professional Dog Grooming Equipment

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