How to choose the best dog kennel designs: Stainless or Starlite

If you’re about to upgrade or renovate your dog kennel area — or build an entirely new facility — you may be wondering if stainless steel cages and kennel panels are the way to go. After all, stainless is sleek and timeless.

However, you’ve also seen colorful dog cage panels (our Starlite line) and you’ve thought, now THAT would be fun.

Let’s explore your decision on whether to use stainless steel or Starlite for your dog kennel designs.

If the decision is about lasting durability, consider these facts.

Our stainless steel dog kennel panels, doors and accessories are made of 20-gauge heavy-duty stainless steel; the heaviest gauge in the industry, with ultra-strong stainless steel rod ventilation panels and welded seams (no screws to become loose and fall out of alignment! Stainless steel is proven to take a beating and keep its form over years and years of use. Even decades of use!

Our Starlite kennel panels are just as sturdy, which may surprise you. They’re made of FDA approved high-density polyethline, which is an excellent material that performs just like stainless steel. It’s tough enough to withstand daily impact by big dogs, playful dogs and hyper dogs. And — Starlite panels are solid, 3/8-inch thick panels, which no animal can push through. Most other manufacturers use thin business-card weight outer panels for color, with foam in the middle. The foam models are more vulnerable – panels can be ripped open and fall apart over time.

Whether you choose our stainless steel or Starlite kennel and cage panels, you can expect the same lasting durability.

If the decision is about easy upkeep for clean and sanitary surfaces that last, think about this.

Stainless steel, while it is more clinical is the classic look. When you clean it, you instantly know it’s clean because you can see it on the sanitary, solid surface.

But once again, Starlite is a winner as well. The material is moisture resistant, stain resistant, chemical resistant and scratch-resistant. To keep it nice and shiny or bring it back to its finest sheen, simply rub on some food-grade lemon oil.

As you can see, stainless steel and Starlite kennel panels are equally durable, easy to clean, sanitary and beautiful. Either choice will give you years and years of satisfaction.

It’s really down to your preference: do you want the classic look of stainless steel or the warmth of color?

Veterinary practices traditionally go with stainless, but many are steering toward color to warm up the kennel area. Starlite panels are available in 6 popular colors to complement your brand and blend with everything. Either one can be used for kennel applications. Or perhaps you’ll blend both, as some of our customers have done (see our Dog Kennel and Cages Gallery for ideas)!

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