Colorful dog and cat kennel designs make you a stand out

While many factors come into play when dog and cat owners consider which kennel is best for boarding their precious pets — a high-quality environment tops the list.

A clean, modern, well-organized and attractive facility projects quality and stands out from other local options in a huge way. The color scheme, equipment choices and attention to cleanliness all demonstrate your business’s commitment to pet comfort and customer satisfaction.

You may not have considered this, but color can set the stage for a positive first impression of your facility the minute pet owners walk in the door, whether they see a joyful yellow, healing green, tranquil blue, secure beige or happy orange.

That’s why Direct Animal Products recently expanded its colors for dog and cat kennel designs.

If you’re building or renovating your dog or cat boarding facility, we invite you to think about COLOR when choosing dog kennel panels, cat condos, stacking cages and other equipment.

After all, your company’s brand colors say a lot about the image you project. Your logo, brochures, website and marketing materials all project a certain quality image supported by your color choices.

Why not expand your brand colors into your facility? We make it easy here at Direct Animal Products.

  • Our cat condos and double-stack kennels now come in 13 luscious powder coat colors. To meet our customers’ demand, we now offer an array of shades from Genetian Blue to Red Baron.  AllColorsYou may be asking yourself, what does “powder coat” mean? We build our equipment in heavy—gauge steel and then use a special dry-painting method that’s tougher and longer lasting than liquid paint. It literally forms a skin on our equipment, for a finish that lasts and lasts.


  • Our Starlite kennel panels come in 6 dazzling colors. This includes our kennel back panels and side panels, optional guillotine dog kennel doors and raised kennels (back and side panels)… as well as our dog playroom divider panels. See all our Starlite colorsDirect Animal image: Now you have oodles of options in dog kennel designs and configurations to add a pop of color in all the right places.Again you may be saying, “And what is Starlite?” It’s a highly durable kennel panel made of HDPE (high density polyethylene), an FDA-approved material. This special material resists moisture, stains, odors and scratches and stands up to tough cleaning chemicals. Best of all, these panels are framed in heavy-duty TYPE 304 stainless steel for long lasting performance, even with big dogs and wiggly animals.
  • Best of all, our powder coat colors and Starlite panels beautifully complement each other. We can work with you to coordinate a harmonious blend of panels, cages and cat condos for your facility. You may also enjoy browsing through our Galleries of dog kennel designs, cat condos and more for ideas.

What’s your vision of a standout facility? Contact us to make it a vivid reality in living color.

Call us at 877.459.7827 or email [email protected].

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