For the Safest Dog Kennel Designs, Consider These 4 Questions

If you’re managing a dog boarding/grooming business, animal shelter or other pet-related organization, you know that safe pet-handling is a top concern.

We know this too. We’ve spoken with hundreds of pet professionals about ways to maintain a safe environment for staff, customers and animals — minimizing or eliminating the potential for dog bites, pinched fingers, cat scratches, “escape artists,” trips, falls and trapped pet waste.

So, how do you compare kennel designs? What should you look for when shopping for the safest solutions?

Consider these 4 questions to determine what makes dog kennel designs truly safe for your facility and the pets in your care. 

Everyone talks about their kennel designs being safe, but are they showing you exactly WHY they’re safe?

When you ask the following five questions, you’ll understand which factors affect the safety of people and pets in your facility. Then you can feel great about investing in the safest solutions available.  Direct Animal image: Our team has developed a number of unique safety features in our premium dog kennel designs.

  •  Do your dog kennel doors safely swing in and out? You know that look on some dog’s faces when you approach the kennel? They’re thinking, “Ooh! My chance to jump out and run around” and you’re thinking, “Not so much.” We know dogs may be unpredictable and want to bound out of the kennel. That’s why our kennel run system is designed with dog kennel doors that swing in and out. You control the situation. You decide when the pet is ready to come out or not.
  • Do your dog kennel doors feature a safe, rail-free bottom to minimize tripping? Our engineers developed a unique and very durable design in our premium dog kennel doors. We’ve completely eliminated the hazardous bottom door rail that you’d find with other manufacturers… so there’s nothing to trap urine, dirt, feces or fur (and nothing to trip over!).
  • Do your dog kennels include a safe, rotating bowl feeder? As you know, it can be stressful to try and feed a frightened or upset animal. We designed a safe, easy approach to providing food and water without putting your hand inside the kennel. Instead, our 360-degree rotating stainless bowl feeder simply attaches to the doors of our dog kennel runs and double stack kennels.
  • Are your kennel doors hand-welded to eliminate misalignment? One of the biggest pet peeves we hear from pet professionals is this: “Our old kennel doors became misaligned and difficult to shut. This isn’t only annoying, it can be unsafe.” Ever wonder why that is? It’s because most kennel manufacturers use lightweight stainless steel, connect with screws that can become loose over time due to animal movement. Our doors simply don’t do that because they’re made from ¼” heavy-duty stainless steel rods, hand-welded and polished at the intersections to provide ultimate strength and durability. See our previous kennel door blog post for more details.

Safety problems are the last worry you want to deal with in your pet facility. Our team understands, which is why we developed these safety features (and others!) in all our dog kennel designs.

Questions? Comments? Please contact us at 877.459.7827 or [email protected]. Thank you.

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